Good Old Days: All About Tangram

Good Old Days: All About Tangram

What is a Tangram Puzzle?

 Tangram (七巧板  in Chinese) is a Chinese puzzle made up of seven separate flat polygon pieces. The seven polygons, known as tans, are combined to create various designs and shapes. Tangram shapes are typically square, although players can create a number of configurations using the seven pieces.

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How do you make a Tangram?

The goal is to use all seven pieces to create an outline. You can find these distinct outline puzzles in puzzle books, but you can now search for them online for an endless list.

Fun fact: There are about 6500 different tangram configuration since the beginning of tangram. How many patterns do you think you can form?

 tangram shaped like a bird


Stuck on how to fix back your tangram puzzle set? Here's the tangram solution:

 tangram square solution

What skills do tangrams teach?

Tangram puzzle for kindergarten kids will help to improve their spatial skills. Spatial ability is the ability to know and remember the relations among different shapes or objects. It also helps to develop problem solving skills and teaches them many mathematical concepts like area and geometric shapes. Here is an informative video that can help kids identify each shape and how to sort them.

Tangram puzzles for kindergarten students will aid in the development of spatial skills - ability to remember and know the relationships between different forms or things. It also aids in the development of problem-solving skills and teaches a variety of mathematical concepts such as geometric forms and area. This video will teach kids how to recognize each shape and how to classify them.


 Credits to Mrs. Curtis 

What are the 7 shapes in a tangram?

There are typically 7 pieces of polygon in a tangram.

  • 1 Medium Triangle
  • 1 Parallelogram
  • 1 Square
  • 2 Small Triangles
  • 2 Big Triangle


The History of Tangram

Credits to mathverick


Watch this video to learn more the history of tangram. 

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