Wholesale Gifts / Bulk Orders & Logo Printing Buying Guide Wholesale Gifts / Bulk Orders & Logo Printing Buying Guide




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Looking for wholesale gifts, souvenirs , or corporate gifts for your company or school that requires logo printing? Usually wholesale purchases can take a long time before it reaches you, and you may be in a rush. OneDollarOnly has a wide range of wholesale gifts and stationery products in Singapore that has a large amount of stock ready and can be delivered as fast as the next day.

Your buying process does not have to be tedious; this guide is for you to help make your bulk purchase process easier!

How to order? Its simple!

STEP 1: Select the products you want out of our extensive collection. Email to and include these information:

  • The quantity needed
  • When you need them
  • The billing company and address
  • If you need customisation or logo printing, be sure to send us your high-resolution logo/artwork.

STEP 2: After we get your email, we will double check the stock availability and provide a digital mock-up of your logo / printing on your selected product.

STEP 3: Once you approve of the digital mock-up and confirm the quotation, your items will be sent off to printing! Your customized gifts will be delivered to you within 7-9 days. If no printing or customization is required, we will deliver within 3-5 days.

STEP 4: We will arrange for the billing to be made to your company / organisation (or through E-invoice for government entities / schools)

Our company is GeBiz / E-invoice registered:
CODE/UEN: 52828321M

It's that simple!

Best Sellers for Wholesale / Logo Print Gifts

Not sure what gift to choose? Here is a quick guide to our bestselling wholesale gift products that customers order for logo printing. All these best sellers are ready stock and can be sent out for fast delivery (without printing, delivery can be as fast as next day. For printing, delivery will be in 7-9 days).

  1. Metal Straw
  2. Face Mask Case
  3. Premium Collapsible Shoe Bag
  4. A4 Fabric Bag with Handle
  5. Transparent PVC A5 Zip Case
  6. 4pc Stationery Set with Hard Cover Pencil Case
  7. 4-in-1 Stationery Set (Premium)
  8. 3pc Sports Set - Skipping Rope, Chapteh and Rubber Ball
  9. Customized BPA Free Collapsible Water Bottle
  10. Premium Nylon Travel Case

3pc Metal Straw Set in Fabric Case

metal straw set

Switching to reusable straws is not just about saving turtles, there are many reasons to do so. For example, you save the cost of buying plastic straws and reduce pollution in a long run. This metal straw set is a thoughtful gift as it shows that you are taking a step to sustainability.

Face Mask Case

face mask case

This is going to be a gift choice that receivers will feel grateful for, especially during this period. Wearing face masks out is the new normal now and it is probably going to stay for the next few months. There are many products out in the market now to keep us safer, such as this face mask case. It is compact and lightweight, allowing you to conveniently bring it around. Face mask case can aid in preventing cross contamination from your mask to other items.

Premium Collapsible Shoe Bag (Small)

shoe bag

This collapsible shoe bag is made of waterproof coated nylon material with subtle surface texture. You can conveniently fold it flat to compact them when not in use, but expandable when needed. Due to the unique design, you can just store it in your bag in case you would ever need it to store your footwear.

A4 Fabric Bag with Handle

fabric tote bag

This Fabric Bag lets you store all your important papers and documents, with a handle for easy carry. If you are giving more than one gift, you can put them all inside as big gift bag!

Transparent PVC A5 Zip Case

A5 zip case

This clear PVC Zip case is great for storing stationery or other small items. You can easily slot a small notebook in too. The transparent case is a good reminder of keeping track of your items as you can spot them instantly.

4pc Stationery Set with Hard Cover Pencil Case

stationery set with hard cover case

We are bringing back last year's hot selling Stationery Set but making it better. This 4pc Stationery Set consists of 2 Pens, Highlighter and a Ruler in a hard cover pencil case. The Muji inspired pencil case has a minimalist design that will never run out of style, hence suitable for all ages. Children can DIY it with some stickers to spice it up!

As it is so compact, it is easy to bring around your stationery. The next time someone asks for a pen, you will have one to offer! It comes in 4 colour variation; pink, blue, yellow and green.

4-in-1 Stationery Set (Premium)

Just like the name suggest, this full Stationery Set looks premium due to the sleek, thin handy plastic outer casing. With a flip down of the latch on the end of this casing, will reveal to you a pencil, blue ball point pen, red ball point pen, and highlighter. We know how easy it is to misplace our stationery, so having a small compact case will hopefully reduce the chances of losing stationery.

3pc Sports Set - Skipping Rope, Chapteh and Rubber Ball

sports set

This Sports Set comes with a Skipping Rope, Chapteh and Rubber Ball. This is an excellent gift choice for school events like Sports Day. Introduce the children to traditional games like Chapteh while letting them exercise!

Customized BPA Free Collapsible Water Bottle

collapsible water bottle

Due to its collapsible design, it can be stored flat when not in use! This is great for outdoor and travelling when you want to save some bag space. For those who love doing outdoors sport, you will find the sports drinking nozzle and carabiner useful.

Premium Nylon Travel Case

nylon travel case

This durable double layered nylon case can help you to organize your luggage as it fits your travel necessities like toiletries or personal hygiene products. It comes with a loop at one end for easy hanging and access.

Can't find what you are looking for?

Don't worry! We have many custom made products that we are able to source and produce with over 150 partners. Simply send your enquiries to and let us know what kind of product you are looking for and we will find it for you! Alternatively, click here to browse our full catalogue.

Customization and Logo Printing

Make your gift unique with our logo printing services. Add a company / school logo, message or design imprint on the product to add extra meaning and branding to the gift!

Our Print Process

We use commercial / industry grade processes that ensure that the logo imprint is extra durable and clearly seen. For local rush orders, our most commonly used process is SILK SCREEN PRINTING due to the combination of fast turnaround time, durability of print and cost to customers.

silk printing process

Read more about our various print pro cesses here <link>

Print Examples

Have a look at some of our past projects for inspiration!

past clients project

Printing Cost Estimates

Printing cost varies from product to product so this is just an estimate. We will be able to provide a more accurate quote for your exact requirements - just drop us an email or call!

Table: Silkscreen Printing Cost (1 Colour, 1 Position)


If you are buying 100 pieces, printing cost will be between $120-$150.

If you're buying 250 pieces, printing cost will still be between $120-$150.

If you are buying 400 pieces, the minimum printing cost will be (400 x $0.40) = $160.





Kindly send us an enquiry with an image of the items you are looking for and we will get back to you shortly.