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Wholesale Corporate Gifts Supplier In Singapore

Wholesale Corporate Gifts Supplier in Singapore

Apart from being a source of $1 products, gifts, stationery and novelties for education and children, is also a corporate gifts wholesaler in Singapore. We carry more than 550 different products that can be customised with a company’s brand or logo for their marketing or loyalty activities. With this product line, we still hold true to our company’s roots and mission to bring such products at affordable prices to our clients. As such, a large portion of our corporate gift wholesale products (130+) are priced under $1.00 – making us truly


We are truly factory direct.

What makes us different in the corporate gift wholesale market in Singapore is that our products are stocked and printed in house in our production facilities. We have no middlemen or agents, hence we can ensure really competitive prices for our corporate gifts without having to compromise on our quality or customer service. We pass on the savings to our customers – it’s that simple!

Also, as logo printing is in house – we can charge lower printing fees, along with lower minimum quantities for our corporate gifts. While some companies may require a minimum of 500 or 1000pcs per order, we can cater to orders as small as 10 or 25 pieces for selected products.


We are customer first - quality assured for all our corporate gifts

With this level of quality and process control, we proudly offer a 1 year, no questions asked 1-to-1 replacement warranty on all the corporate gift products found on our website.

We aim to make finding the perfect gift hassle free. Our instant price quote online allows our corporate gift wholesale customers to have 100% transparency on product, printing and delivery costs – at each tier, type and quantity.

On top of that, our website also features cutting edge live logo visualizers and automated product recommenders to assist in shortlisting corporate gift products for consideration. Try it now! It’s as instant – and honest as it gets.

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24% OFF
37% OFF

Singapore Design A5 Zip Case

$1.70 SGD
$2.70 SGD
32% OFF

Set Of 4 Dual Tipped Markers

$1.90 SGD
$2.80 SGD
35% OFF

Singapore Design A4 Zip Case

$2.00 SGD
$3.10 SGD
31% OFF
38% OFF
39% OFF
44% OFF

Stress Ball

$0.79 SGD
$1.20 SGD
63% OFF
61% OFF

Portable 3-Piece Cutlery Set

$1.57 SGD
$2.40 SGD
38% OFF
41% OFF

Heart-Shaped Stress Ball

$0.83 SGD
$1.20 SGD
43% OFF

Flower Highlighter

$0.85 SGD
$1.30 SGD
49% OFF
58% OFF
62% OFF

Mobile Phone Stand

$0.72 SGD
$1.10 SGD
58% OFF

Cute Office Stapler

$0.75 SGD
$1.10 SGD
62% OFF

Zippered Waterproof Pouch

$0.69 SGD
$1.00 SGD
43% OFF

Kraft Paper Bag (Medium)

$0.40 SGD
$0.60 SGD
48% OFF

Palm Highlighter

$1.31 SGD
$2.00 SGD
60% OFF
45% OFF

Robot Highlighter

$1.76 SGD
$2.70 SGD
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