Good Old Days: All About Yoyo

Good Old Days: All About Yoyo

Good Old Days: What You Should Know About Yoyo  

In this digital age where games are often played on electronic devices, old-school games seem like a thing of the past. But that’s not true!


There’s a certain charm to traditional games that make them enjoyable despite the existence of newer games. Besides strengthening bonds among friends and family, they let you take a trip down memory lane. Remember simpler times when you’d head off to the playground and have fun with your playmates after school?


No matter your age, you can enjoy games and nurture your inner child. Yo yo, in particular, is a toy that allows you to beat boredom—no electricity needed!

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What Is a Yoyo? 

The yo yo toy has two discs connected with a long string attached to the centre. It has a slip knot made to be inserted into a finger, allowing it to be pulled and flicked back up into the hand after throwing.


The History of the Yoyo

1000 BC  

The toy was believed to originate in China. It came in the form of diabolo, a toy that is part-yo yo, part-top.


500 BC

The modern yoyo toy is similar to the Greek discs. Because of the resemblance, some historians claim that the Greeks invented the toy.



When Spaniards colonised the Philippines, they used a spin top to explain to the local tribes how the Earth rotates in space. Also, hunters in the Philippines were thought to use a yo yo toy-like device as a weapon to throw at wild animals while they hid up in trees.



The yoyo toy made its way to Europe, which likely arrived there through India.



The first metal yo yo was made in the US. In a patent, Whirligig inventors James L. Haven and Charles Hettrick made the toy hold the discs together with a central rivet.



American children received yoyo toys from the Philippine School of Arts and Trades. This was reported in El Paso Herald in December 1916, representing the earliest use of the word “yoyo” in the US.



Filipino businessman Pedro Flores trademarked the term “yoyo.” He then sold the toys through Yo-yo Manufacturing Company.



American entrepreneur Donald F. Duncan acquired the rights to the trademark yoyo. He eventually obtained the largest share of the yo-yo toy market.



The term “yoyo” lost its trademark. This made Duncan bankrupt and forced him to sell his assets.



The World Class yo-yo toy was released. Thanks to its new features, it became the longest-spinning yoyo at that time.



The first World Yoyo Championships were held. It prompted freestyle to become a part of yo yo competitions.


Benefits of Playing the Yoyo

  • Helps brain development, especially for children
  • Develops hand-eye coordination
  • Builds hand and finger strength and hand dominance
  • Enhances concentration
  • Brings out the inner child in adults
  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Relieves stress
  • Provides a fun hobby without breaking the bank


Is It Yoyo or Yo-Yo?

“Yoyo” and “yo-yo” might seem different terms, but they’re the same. They both refer to the toy most of us grew up with and learned to love.


What Does Yoyo Stand For?

The term “yoyo” was believed to come from the word “return” or “come-come” in Ilocano, a Filipino language. It was also assumed to have Oriental origins.


Why Do They Call Yoyo a Yoyo?

Flores trademarked the name “yoyo.” Before moving to the United States, he stayed in Ilocos Norte, Philippines, where he was born. This explains why he used a toy name in Ilocano, a language used in his hometown.


How to Play the Yoyo

To perform the simplest trick, wound the string on your finger, throw the toy downwards, and wind the string up to snap it back into your hand.

Watch this useful video from YoTricks as they teach you the fundamentals of playing with a yo-yo and some simples tricks that you can get started with.

 Credits: YoTricks Youtube Channel


Where To Buy Yoyo In Singapore?

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