Buy 12cm Wooden Tangram at $1.00.

Buy 12cm Wooden Tangram at $1.00.

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12CM Wooden Tangram

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Buy Tangram Puzzles in Singapore at $1.00 only.
7 piece wooden Tangram puzzle set.
$1 each, minimum quantity per order is 5 pieces for Tangram
Dimension: L 12 cm x H 1.2 cm x W 12 cm, Base of largest triangle: 9.7 cm.

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What is a Tangram Puzzle?

Tangram (七巧板 in Chinese) is a Chinese puzzle consisting of 7 different pieces of flat polygon. The 7 polygons, called tans, are put together to form different designs and shapes. It is stored in a square configuration. Tangram shapes usually comes in a square however players can form a variety of configuration with the 7 pieces.

How to do Tangram?

The objective is to form an outline using all 7 pieces. There are puzzle books for you to find these different outline puzzles but you can now search them online for a never-ending list. Fun fact: Since the origin of tangram, there are over 6500 different tangram problems to it. Here are some of the shapes, try to replicate them!


tangram shapes


Can’t fix back your puzzle set? Here is the tangram solution for square layout.


tangram solutions square


What skills do tangrams teach?

Tangram puzzle for kindergarten kids will help to improve their spatial skills. Spatial ability is the ability to know and remember the relations among different shapes or objects. It also helps to develop problem solving skills and teaches them many mathematical concepts like area and geometric shapes. Here is an informative video that can help kids identify each shape and how to sort them.


 Credits to Mrs. Curtis 

What are the 7 shapes in a tangram?

It is made of 7 pieces of polygon.

  • 1 Medium Triangle
  • 2 small triangles
  • 2 big triangles
  • 1 Square
  • 1 Parallelogram

To help the kids learn the shapes faster, you can teach them how to identify a square and triangle using the number of sides and corners.

You can teach about animals and geometric shapes using Tangram shapes at the same time? Here’s a useful video on how to make 6 different animals.

Credits to Fun 4 Happy Kidz!


History of Tangram

Credits to mathverick

The legend of the Tangram is that a sage had to bring a sheet of glass to the king, as the king wanted a window in his palace. The sage wrapped the glass piece carefully in canvas and silk to carry to the king’s palace. The journey there was long and rough, with high summits and rock paths. But just as the sage was reaching the palace, he fell down the side of the mountain, causing the square glass to break.

When he got to the king and unwrapped the silk, he was surprised to see that the glass was not shattered to pieces but into 7 geometric shapes. The sage used the 7 pieces to describe to the king his long journey to the palace.

tangram shape house

He made the shapes of his home, a camel, monks, boats and mountains. The king was so pleased with the different shapes that he recreated it into wood, hence the creation of Tangram.

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12CM Wooden Tangram

12CM Wooden Tangram

12CM Wooden Tangram

12CM Wooden Tangram

12CM Wooden Tangram

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