$1 National Day Gifts Wholesale | Customised Logo Print | NDP 2022

$1 National Day Gifts Wholesale | Customised Logo Print | NDP 2022

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Shop For $1 National Day Gifts Wholesale | Customised Logo Print | NDP 2022 From $1 by One Dollar Only | SG Trusted Brand | Singaporeans Trust Us For Our $1 National Day Gifts Wholesale | Customised Logo Print | NDP 2022 Collections

$1 National Day Gifts Wholesale | Customised Logo Print | NDP 2022

$1 National Day Gifts Wholesale | Customised Logo Print | NDP 2022

$1 National Day Gifts Wholesale | Customised Logo Print | NDP 2022

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$1 National Day Gifts Wholesale | Customised Logo Print | NDP 2022


$1 National Day Gifts Wholesale | Customised Logo Print | NDP 2022


$1 National Day Gifts Wholesale | Customised Logo Print | NDP 2022


$1 National Day Gifts Wholesale | Customised Logo Print | NDP 2022


$1 National Day Gifts Wholesale | Customised Logo Print | NDP 2022


$1 National Day Gifts Wholesale | Customised Logo Print | NDP 2022


One Dollar Only, Singapore’s Leading Online $1.00 Stationery & Gift Shop Since 2011

Welcome to ODO.com.sg! Like you, we are value lovers and we strive to continually bring you no-frills quality products at great prices. We started over 23 years ago as a gift and stationery wholesaler, and since then we have served over 10,000 clients in nearly every industry vertical.

In 2011, we started our online store OneDollarOnly.com.sg to make shopping and browsing faster and easier for the people we serve, and also to enable retail and B2C clients to place orders with us at prices that we normally only offer for bulk purchases.

Since then, we have grown from a small operation with 50 products to nearly 1000 products on our website right now spanning over 35 categories! By bringing in our products in bulk quantities and sourcing directly from factories we cut out all the middlemen and hence bring the savings directly to our customer – you!

As we strive for new heights, we hope to one day be Singapore’s largest online $1.00 superstore. We thank you for your support of our small homegrown brand and we hope to be able to serve you soon!

$1 National Day Gifts Wholesale | Customised Logo Print | NDP 2022

The Ultimate Singapore National Day Gift Guide

Singapore National Day 2022

Singapore’s birthday is right around the corner! The holiday wouldn’t be complete without some National Day gifts, souvenirs and knick-knacks, and we understand the difficulty in picking the perfect one.

With that being said, here are some National day gift ideas to help you decide what to get for you and your loved ones in order to make National Day one to remember.

This year’s national day parade will be the first time without a live audience due to the current situation.


Taking a peek into this year’s National Day Fun Pack

This year’s fun pack is different as many citizens are requesting to opt out of receiving them. The resources are then used to help the more needy in society. The funpacks this year aim to be more environmentally friendly by doubling up as a reusable grocery bag. Inside them are also items like a mini handheld Singapore flag, temporary face tattoo, a face mask, a thermometer, and a bottle of hand sanitiser.


One Dollar Only National Day Gifts


Best National Day Gifts & Souvenirs

Need some ideas or inspiration for Singapore related gifts or souvenirs for this National holiday? Or are you looking for a cheap gifts supplier for the occasion? After all, Valentine's Day is not the only day for us to buy gifts!

Traditional, popular gift items like mini handheld Singapore flags or clappers, or a Singapore flag collar lapel pin are classic, top promotion gifts to consider. You could even consider getting a National Day gift set to give your friends.

Take a look at some of our National Day Gifts best sellers!

Fabric Sling Pouch With Singapore Design Bags One Dollar Only

One of our many products in our Singapore Themed collection is the Fabric Sling Pouch With Singapore Design. It has an adjustable strap to cater to kids of all ages. 

Our Singapore Themed collection is truly special to us as we collaborated with a local artist to illustrate the beautiful skyline of Singapore. This line of products are the perfect National Day Gifts as you can skip the whole process of coming up with designs to imprint. 

B4 Velcro File Folder With Singapore Skyline Watercolour Design Files and Folders One Dollar Only

B4 Velcro File Folder With Singapore Skyline Watercolour Design features one of the commissioned designs we have. The watercolour element makes this National Day Gift more artistic. 

National Day Gift 4pc Stationery Set with hard cover case is a popular pick due to the functionality. We are the only company that sells such specially curated stationery set at a low price. Check out all of our stationery sets here.

4pc Stationery Set with Hard Cover Pencil Case Stationery Set One Dollar Only

For more of our National Day best sellers, click here

You can even make your own custom designed National day gifts to fit your personal style, taste and preference! A perfect National Day souvenir should be all about your own identity mixed together with your Singaporean nature, which makes the gift even more special and treasured.


Singapore Souvenirs for Overseas Family Members this National Day

It is understandable that some families might not be able to travel to meet their loved ones overseas this National Day holiday. There are plenty of National Day souvenirs you can get them to make them feel closer to home like a cotton canvas bag or a t-shirt with unique Singaporean designs on them. Curate them together to make your own National Day goodie bag!

Feel free to add a personal touch by customising your gift to make it uniquely theirs. They’ll surely appreciate it all the more and make them feel as if you were right there with them, celebrating National Day.


The Best National Day Gifts under $2

Working on a budget and don’t want to spend too much? Here at onedollaronly, Singapore’s #1 one dollar shop and National Day gift supplier, we have a wide range of custom National Day gift for you to pick and choose at a comfortable rate fitting for your pocket.

Every year we will have limited edition products printed with an illustration of the Singapore skyline and iconic landmarks that we commission ourselves.

Our dollar collection has items like stationery cases or compartment folders that are cheap, practical and suitable for printing of logos – . Perfect for a small door gift! Discover other patriotic products in our essential collection like Singapore flag lapel pin badge or a mini handheld Singapore flag too.

We also have a special National Day corporate gift collection consisting of higher value products that are more suitable for some clients with the budget.


Traditional Games as National Day Gifts


Traditional Games as National Day Gifts

Plenty of us have played games in our childhood such as Snakes & Ladders, Chapteh and Five Stones. Those games remind us of not just a young us, but a young Singapore as well, when times were simpler, more relaxed but yet blissful and enjoyable. Our traditional games for national day collection aims to do just that.

Relive those happy memories by replaying those games with old friends, maybe even introduce them to your children to show them how you lived and played at their age. Read more about the Traditional Games we used to play in Singapore.


Buying Singapore National Day Gifts in Bulk? We got you covered

Are you looking to buy corporate gifts wholesale or buy national day gifts for a large number of people? OneDollarOnly is one of Singapore’s leading corporate gift suppliers, and also a National Day gift supplier to schools and institutions. After all, National Day is a holiday where Singaporeans should come together to celebrate as one people and one nation.

We also offer printing on our national day gift wholesale products so you can imprint it with a logo or message to make it that little bit more special, be it for any private affair or large scale business operations!

Enjoy free delivery for local orders over $70 and express, 48 hour delivery for orders over $100! If you’d rather not wait 2 days, you can even opt for self collection to speed the process up.


Buy Cheap National Day Gifts Online!

When it comes to gifts, Singapore deserves only the best. Here at onedollaronly.com.sg, you can have the convenience of buying National Day gifts online. We can serve your Singapore themed gift and souvenir purchasing needs beyond your expectations. We are your #1 National Day flag supplier in Singapore, selling mini handheld Singapore flags at only $1 each!

We have products that range from $1 to $2 that are great value for money that will be certain to make great National Day souvenirs.

Our product range consists of stationery like files and folders, tote and drawstring bags and also corporate gift items. We also have a wide range of traditional games to cater for those that might want to hark back to yesteryear for a sense of nostalgia.

Head on over to our National Day Gifts catalogue to start looking for the perfect gift now, you can surely find the best deals here!

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