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Portable Magnetic Snakes and Ladders

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What are Snakes and Ladders?

Our version of the Snakes and Ladders game is compact and sturdy, allowing you to bring it anywhere.

Snakes and Ladders is a board game with numbered and grid squares. “Snakes” and “ladders” are spread across the board to either hinder or help your progress in the game. The objective of Snake and Ladders board game is to navigate your token from the 1st square to the last, according to your die rolls. Along the way, you will land on a square that has a ladder which can help you move to the connected square, or on a snake that will cause your piece to slide down to the bottom of the snake. First player to reach the square at the top wins.

What are the Snake and Ladders rules?

snakes and ladders board game

All players start at the starting square (usually labelled “1”) with their game piece. Snakes and ladder board game is usually played with 4 game piece and 1 die. Players will take turns to roll the die and move accordingly to the number they threw. If the player’s final placement is on a ladder, they will get to advance to the end of the ladder. But if the player’s final placement is on a snake, they must move down to the lower end of the snake. If player rolls a “6”, they get to roll for another turn. Whoever gets to the last square, usually labelled 100 wins.

Here's a video tutorial on how to play Snakes and Ladders

Credits to Triple S Games

How to beat the game: Snakes and Ladders Strategy

If you thought that Snakes and Ladders was just a game of luck, think again. On average, the player will need 39.2 die roll to move get to square 100. If you are playing with just another player (and if you’re competitive enough), you should start the game first as the first player has a slightly higher chance of winning.

One interesting information I learnt is that the shortest possible game only takes 7 rolls and it happens twice in every thousand games played. If you are into mathematical concepts, you can read this interesting article where the writer shares about Mathematical Analysis of Snakes and Ladders. I would have never thought that a game like Snakes and Ladders for toddlers could have such an amazing math concept.

Watch this video to see how this Youtuber incorporated both math and science into Snakes and Ladders! 

Credits to Vsauce2

History of Snakes and Ladders

Before it was known as Snakes and Ladders (or Chutes and Ladders), it had gone by names like Leela, Moksha and Patama. However the earliest name made known was Gyan Chauper, believed to have emerged from Northern India or Nepal. It was used as a teaching tool on the effects of good deeds against bad deeds and teaches the philosophy of destiny and desire.

Snakes and ladders were originally filled with symbolic pictures like gods, angels and the top and also other images like animals, flowers and people at the side. Both the ladders and snakes had a meaning behind it as well. With ladders representing moralities like faith, humility, and generosity, whereas the snakes represented immoralities such as anger, theft, lust and murder. The symbolic meaning of this game is that a person can have salvation by doing good while by doing bad deeds will result in being reborn as a lower form of life.

Here's an interesting video talking more about Snakes and Ladders and the philosophical meaning.

Credits to Extra Credits

Read more about Snakes and Ladders here

Buy Snakes and Ladders game online that is ideal to play in the classroom, house or wherever you want. Can be played for up to 3 players and suitable for all ages. This board game helps develop creativity and strategy. Want to read more about Traditional Games that we used to play in Singapore? Click here.

$1 each, minimum quantity per order is 5 pieces.

Dimension: 13 cm x 7 cm x 1.5 cm.

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Portable Magnetic Snakes and Ladders

Portable Magnetic Snakes and Ladders

Portable Magnetic Snakes and Ladders

Portable Magnetic Snakes and Ladders

Portable Magnetic Snakes and Ladders

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