Occasions to Send Corporate Gifts

Occasions To Send Corporate Gifts

Occasions to Send Corporate Gifts

Gift-giving makes people feel valued. This thoughtful gesture is common in personal relationships but also relevant in professional ones. After all, establishing connections is key to thriving in any industry.


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This is why corporate gifting is important. When you make door gifts or company giveaways part of your marketing efforts, they can give you a high return on your investment. These are some benefits you can reap from them:


  • Establishes a positive association with the brand
  • Boosts employee morale
  • Expresses gratitude to customer and employee loyalty
  • Builds relationship
  • Creates a positive first impression
  • Retains employees and business partners
  • Improves brand image among potential clients
  • Generates leads and referrals / building brand awareness


When to Give Corporate Gifts

Timing is everything when it comes to giving gifts. The thought behind the gesture counts, but making special occasions extra memorable matters more. Therefore, it’s best to know the right moment for it.


To maximize the potential benefits of corporate gifting, remember these special occasions:


Conducting Events

Handing business cards to potential clients, investors, or business partners is not enough to make a strong impression at corporate events. You have to make them remember you, and one way to do this is through corporate gifting.


After checking great door gift ideas, scouring the gift market, and getting the right gifts, it’s time to hand them to the right people during these events:


  • Roadshows
  • Trade Shows
  • Marathons
  • Product/service launches
  • Promotional events
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Leadership talks


Promoting Employee Welfare

Happy employees are the best brand ambassadors. They are the lifeline of your business, so keeping them valued and inspiring them to be productive is essential.


When considering corporate gift ideas for employees, make them as personalised as possible. For instance, giving customised gift boxes or care packages on their birthday will make them feel special and get a sense of belongingness to your organisation.


Nurturing Relationships With Clients

Competition can be tough, so setting yourself apart from your competitors is vital. One of the best times to do this is if you’re onboarding a client for the first time. A business gift can set the tone for your harmonious working relationship and show your eagerness to maintain a fruitful connection.


Showing Appreciation

Highly valued employees contribute to the success of your organisation. To promote a positive work culture, recognise their efforts and express gratitude for their work.


As a thank you to your employees, get them useful items, like our personalised gifts in Singapore. Hosting a celebration for an employee of the month, promotion, work anniversary, and retirement is also a great idea. Or with the new hybrid working environment, custom gift box can be sent to your employees that work from home.


Celebrating School Anniversary

School anniversaries are important milestones worthy of celebration. They commemorate how the school has grown and instill a sense of pride in the students.


If you’re running a school and celebrating this special occasion, invest in corporate gifts for children and give the students customised gift boxes from our store. These boxes can be filled with different products, such as:

and more!


These items can be printed with the school or company logo. So if you’re interested in showing school pride through our customised caps in Singapore, don’t hesitate to contact us! Find out what the different printing methods and which products are most suitable for each.  


Corporate Christmas Gifts

There’s no better time than Christmas to spread holiday cheer. After all, it’s the Season of Giving, so it makes perfect sense to hand Christmas gifts to your employees and customers.


Feel free to give cards, stationery, or DIY gifts, then wrap them in festive Christmas packaging. Don’t forget to adorn your office with Christmas decorations to celebrate the occasion in true Christmas spirit.


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Where to Buy Corporate Gifts in Singapore

Being thoughtful and showing appreciation goes a long way in the corporate world. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to stand out from your competitors through corporate gifting.


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