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In 2011, we started our online store to make shopping and browsing faster and easier for the people we serve, and also to enable retail and B2C clients to place orders with us at prices that we normally only offer for bulk purchases.

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The Ultimate Guide to Best Cheap Christmas Gifts Under $10

Forget $10, We Have All Things Christmassy from $1.00!

You know Christmas is nearing if you hear Michael Buble's Winter Wonderland or Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas booming all over the streets, which means it’s time to get your shopping cart (and wallet) ready! But before you break your bank, read this Cheap Christmas Gift under $10 guide where we feature everything about Christmas, from cute Christmas gift ideas to packaging.

  • Christmas Crafts for kids
  • Christmas Packaging and Cheap Christmas Cards
  • Cheap Christmas Cards
  • Cute Christmas Stationery
  • Christmas Wearables
  • Cheap Christmas Decoration

Christmas Crafts for Kids

      DIY Christmas Card

      DIY Christmas Card

      Make your Christmas greetings even more special with our DIY Christmas card! This easy Christmas craft gives kids the chance to improve fine motor skills and unleash their artistic talent.


      DIY Christmas Wooden Painting

      DIY Christmas Wooden Painting

      This DIY Christmas decoration lets you deck the halls and at the same time, give your kids some Christmas activities to do! A great option if you are looking for cheap Christmas gifts for children to give out during your Christmas party.


      DIY Painting Santa Ornament

      DIY Painting Santa Ornament

      Compared to the above DIY craft, this set is more suitable for the older kids as it has finer details. After it is being painted, it can be hung up on your Christmas tree as an ornament. The Christmas ornament comes with a painting set and brush that can be kept and reused!


      Christmas DIY Bags

      Christmas DIY Bags

      How to look more festive this Christmas? Pick up one of our DIY Christmas bags! Kids can feel like a fashion designer as they bring out the bag they put together.


      We have other Christmas craft for kids like DIY Paper Plate. Find more Christmas DIY here.

       DIY Paper Plates


      Christmas Packaging

      After picking out your gifts, pack them nicely into one of our Christmas packaging to really complete the Christmas gift feels! Forget those expensive boxes as we have cheap Christmas packaging that still looks extravagant.

      Christmas Packaging Box

      Christmas Packaging Box

      Doesn’t this Christmas gift box remind you of a cake box? Make your Christmas treats even sweeter by packaging your cookies, cakes or pastries in this unique box. I’m in love with the sweet colours that it comes in! 

      Christmas Gift Box 

      Christmas Gift Box

      Need a slightly bigger box to fit your present? This Christmas coloured boxes are perfect for you! Something about these flap boxes makes me more excited when it comes to unboxing, don’t you agree? Pair this gift box together with the Christmas paper bag below for a matching set.


      Cute Christmas Paper Bag

      Cute Christmas Paper Bag

      One of the worst situations is your paper bag tearing out of nowhere and dropping your gifts. This Santa paper bag is made of durable material that can hold all your Christmas gifts so you can shop and walk with a ease of mind.


      Christmas Paper Bags 

      Christmas Paper Bags

      These cute Christmas paper bags are so colourful and fun! With different cartoon avatars on them, you can differentiate your gifts so you won’t end up giving the wrong Christmas present to someone.


      Cheap Christmas Cards

      Christmas cards are sent as part of the Christmas tradition. But instead of the usual season greetings, write out your heartfelt words down on our wide selection of cheap and cute Christmas cards. Need to send out Christmas cards to multiple people? We have cheap Christmas cards in bulk too!

      Christmas Cards 

      Christmas Cards

      With 9 designs, everybody gets a different and special card!

      Fun fact about Christmas cards: In the US, over 2 billion Christmas cards are being sent out each year!


      Christmas Pop Up Card

      Christmas Pop Up Card

      Share the Christmas spirit with this pop-up card! These look so cute that I would just display them all year round.


      Christmas Envelope Cards

      Christmas Envelope Cards

      With this envelope style Christmas card, you can slot in special treats (a candy maybe?) together with your card!


      Cute Christmas Stationery

      Christmas Light Up Gel Pen

      Christmas Light Up Gel Pen

      The dazzling lights are what brings Christmas to life. Shine light to someone’s life by gifting them this light up gel pen. You can even lighten up the mood when meeting new people at the Christmas party.

      Christmas Theme Post It Notes

      Christmas Theme Post It Notes


      We just had to add this Christmas Sticky pad into our cute collection. Besides using it as a memo pad, it can be used as a wall decoration too.


      Christmas theme A5 Zip case

      Christmas Theme A5 Zip Case

      This is a waterproof zip case that can keep your items safe. Small and convenient to carry around your phone, wallet and tissue during lunch break!


      Christmas Theme Stationery Set

      Christmas Theme Stationery Set

      Stored in a waterproof pencil case, there are 5 items inside – two pencil, sharpener, ruler and eraser. Couple up all these cute Christmas stationery in our list and it would only cost $1.50, a great but cheap Christmas gifts for kids!


      Christmas Wearables

      Even if it’s a Christmas gift for him or Christmas gift for her, wearables are something fun and festive! Get different accessories like hairbands and hats for your guests so that the party will be filled with Santa Clauses.


      Christmas Hats with Design

      We have Christmas hats in kids and adult sizes! For kids, we have ones with cute cartoon designs – snowman, reindeer, Santa Claus and polar bear.

      Christmas Hats with Designs


      Cheap Christmas Decoration in Singapore

      Christmas Wreath

      Christmas Wreath

      Christmas wreaths can cost more than $50 at times, but why not get a $1 one that is just as gorgeous? For Christians, wreaths are put on doors to invite the spirit of Christ into their home. It symbolizes everlasting life brought through Jesus.


      Christmas Socks Decoration

      Christmas Socks Decoration

      If you watch a lot of Christmas movies, you will see that these stockings are hung on Christmas Eve, usually by children as they anticipate it being filled with gifts the next morning. Bring the same anticipation to your kids by stuffing their Christmas stockings with gifts!


      Mini Christmas Tree Table Decoration

      Mini Christmas Tree Table Decoration

      The most significant Christmas symbol would be the Christmas tree. If your house does not have space for a normal Christmas tree, get a mini Christmas tree! It is a good décor for making your work desk a little more festive as well.


      Of course, Christmas presents do not have to be Christmas themed. You can always get items like:

      Traditional Games 

      Our best sellers of these old school games are wooden top, pick up sticks and five stones. Bundle them up together to form a traditional gift pack! It is an excellent way to have some ice breaker games during a get together.

      Read more of our traditional games here.


      Gifts and Novelties

      Purposeful items are always a good Xmas gift idea. Things like our Summer Design Coin Box and Double Walled Wheat Fibre Bottle are cheap and serves a purpose.


      Where to buy cheap Christmas gift online?

      At, you can buy cute cheap Xmas gifts online as you skip the queue and crowd at malls. We have the best cheap Christmas decorations, cute Christmas gifts, Christmas crafts for kids and Christmas cards in bulk.

      We believe that when it comes to gift shopping, one should be spoilt with choices. This is why we have 100 Christmas items to choose from PLUS over 300 of other products. For the full Christmas Collection, click here.

      Our product range from stationery like files and notebooks, tote and drawstring bags to games and toys. All of our Dollar products have local ready stock so you do not have to worry about long delivery time! Find more information on our shipping here.

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