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Pick Up Sticks

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Pick up sticks is one of the many Traditional Games in Singapore. It is a game that trains your concentration and mental skills.

How to play pick up sticks?
The objective of pick up sticks is to be the player that picks up the most number of sticks. When starting the game, gather your bundle of sticks and drop them. The more entangled the sticks are, the more challenging the pick up sticks game will be! Each player will then attempt to remove one stick at a time, without touching the other sticks. If the other sticks move, the player will immediately end their turn. The player can keep picking up sticks until they finally move the other sticks. Depending on which version you prefer, you can choose to use a stick to assist you or with just your hands.  

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Genuine wooden traditional pick up sticks game with wooden sticks housed in a slide-open wooden box. 

$1 each, minimum quantity per order is 5 pieces.

Dimension: L 4.5 cm x H 19.5 cm x W 3 cm.

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Pick Up Sticks

Pick Up Sticks

Pick Up Sticks

Pick Up Sticks

Pick Up Sticks

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