Pop It Fidget Toy

Pop It Fidget Toy

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Pop It Fidget Toy

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Bubble Fidget Toy

Sold in assorted colours and shape

Dimension: 12.5 x 12.5 x 1.5 cm


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Benefits, Where to Buy, and More: Pop It Fidget Toys

Initially created to help kids focus, pop it fidget toys were one of the trend toys in 2021. Learn more about the benefits of a pop it toy and where to buy one.

There is always a new trend in kids' toys; take fidget spinners, for example.  Once a toy has become a trend, you will see it everywhere- physical toy stores, online stores, and more! If you have kids, you may have possibly heard or seen one.

Pop it fidget toys have become one of the popular toys these days. It looks like a bubble wrap, but better!

What is a Pop It Fidget Toy?

A pop it fidget toy is a silicone toy that you can press from one side then the other side. These toys come with silicone blisters that children can pop in and out, making these toys sensory for the kids. 

Theo and Ora Coster, a married couple from Israel, started this toy craze in the 1970s. The couple also invented Zingo and Guess Who, among the more than 150 games they have created. They also established the company Theora Design. 

When pop it toys were created in the 1970s, they didn't become a hit right there and then because rubber was expensive back then. But in 2019 and until the present, Foxmind sold millions of pop it toys! It became more popular because Gaitlyn, a monkey, went viral from playing with it on a Tiktok video.

Nowadays, pop its are often seen in Tiktok as part of ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Many people, not only kids, use them as a stress reliever.

Benefits of Pop It Fidget Toys

Like a fidget cube, these pop it toys are designed at first to help kids who need guidance in concentration by giving the children a sensory experience through popping it.

However, these toys have become a trend quickly like other toys that became the classroom's favorite! This is why there are also benefits from these fidget toys that are educational for the kids.

Educational Tool

They can turn a fidget toy into a multiplication practice by writing down numbers using a nonpermanent marker. The teacher or facilitator can provide a question involving multiplication, and the kids can pop the answer. Or the teacher can give the number, and the kids can pop the multiplier and multiplicand. 

The game can also use addition, subtraction, or division. You can be as creative as you want. The game is enjoyable alone, but it can also help the kids learn.

Another game that involves math and a pop it fidget toy is skip counting. The kids can pop the bubbles by one, two, three, or more, depending on how big the pop it toy is.

Check our more educational toys that we have!

Stress Relief

One more benefit from using pop it fidget toys is that popping could be a stress relief from school, work, or anything. So while this toy was at first designed for kids, it's also a great option to relieve stress. Another alternative to fidget toys are stress balls. .

Where Can You Buy Pop It Fidget Toys in Singapore?

These toys are also a great gift idea for kids! If you want to give these fidget toys as a gift at a kids' party, you can put them in a goodie bag along with candies or other toys. Because of it’s popularity, it is widely available. There are a lot of fidget toys Singapore stores sell. However, it's best to choose the pop it toys from One Dollar Only store to ensure you're spending your money wisely.

You can buy toys at their lowest price in One Dollar Only without compromising their quality. It's an online store that, from the name itself, has gifts and toys pricing from one dollar. 

Singapore has trusted One Dollar Only for more than two decades in supplying gifts and stationery. The store's price is so affordable because they produce their products in bulk.

One Dollar Only is the go-to stationery and gift store because of its credible reputation, quality products, and affordable price.

Different Pop It Toys You Can Use

Here are some of the pop it toys we have: 

  1. Pop It Fidget Toy Keychain - if you want to bring your fidget toy everywhere for stress relief, this keychain version is a great option for you. You can customize your logo with this keychain at One Dollar Only.
  2. Pop It Fidget Toy - nothing beats the original, so here's the standard pop it fidget toys that kids and adults can use. You can also choose to personalize your them  with a logo, and it's sold in assorted shapes and colors. If you want to use the pop it toy for math games, then this is the perfect toy for you!

Who hasn't tried popping bubble wraps? Pop it toys are the same thing, except that you will never run out of pops! These toys have existed for more than four decades but are just gaining popularity a couple of years ago. With the benefits of these toys, it's possible that pop it toys are here to stay.

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Pop It Fidget Toy

Pop It Fidget Toy

Pop It Fidget Toy

Pop It Fidget Toy

Pop It Fidget Toy

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