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Educational Toys

Physical Activity Toys

Neon Colour Skipping Rope 

With this product, you can customize your skipping rope with your logo! The skipping rope is 2.7m in length that you still can adjust shorter by cutting and tying a knot.

Foldable Frisbee Fan

A frisbee fan does bring a lot of fun and good time for the kids. This round fan comes along with a pouch so you can easily keep it in your bag.

Colourful Triangular Kite (Small)

kids would surely love to fly this triangular kite! What’s nice about this kite is it’s easy to control and it looks like a rainbow. 

Beach Shovel Toy Set

Grab your sunscreen and this shovel set and get your kids out for a fun beach day! It is 40cm in length, just the right size for kids to use.


OneDollarOnly's chapteh uses feathers and are super sturdy so you won't ever have to worry about kicking them too hard. The rule is to keep the chapteh from falling off the ground using any parts of your body except your hands.

Vehicle Toys

Fire Department Themed Building Blocks Toy

For kids who love to play with fire engine toys and fire trucks, this fire department themed toy is something they would enjoy. Commonly counted as toys for boys, this toy is just as perfect for anyone who loves to problem solve.

Foam Toy Aeroplane

One way to get your kids to play outdoors is by giving them toy airplanes. These toy aeroplanes do not need to be just remote controlled ones, but instead you can bring the kids back to basics with these foam aeroplanes.

Pull Back Toy Car

A classic vehicle toy that toy shop Singapore has. Invite your kids to a racing competition with these colorful pull-back toy cars for kids!

Engineering Themed Building Blocks Toy

This toy is perfect for kids who dream of becoming future engineers. You can build trucks out of the blocks.

DIY Painting Wooden Plane

This toy plane can bring out your kids' creative side by having them do their wooden plane.

DIY Activity Ideas

DIY Painting Board

Kids love to flaunt their masterpiece, and a great way to let them unleash their creativity through these DIY painting boards. Toys can be educational too! 

DIY EVA Foam Hat

Girl toys could come in fashion, like this DIY foam hat perfect with colourful designs. Let your kid’s artistic side shine through with this fun DIY activity idea.

DIY Colouring Non Woven Bag Set 

This DIY activity idea is excellent to pair with other DIY items for your kids, like a DIY foam hat. A fun alternative to the usual toys if you are looking for something to engage your kids in during their free time. Available in unicorn design too.

DIY Colouring Kite 

A DIY kite is another arts and crafts for kids while letting them enjoy the outdoors. These kites come in assorted designs.

DIY Painting Wooden Doll 

Unravel your kids’ creativity and imagination with these doll girl toys they can DIY while having fun at the same time.

Educational Toys

Portable Magnetic Snakes and Ladders

These portable snakes and ladders are magnetic toys that kids can bring to school, at their playmate's home, and anywhere else.

Interested in reading more about the traditional games we used to play in Singapore? Read here


Encourage your kids to learn about shapes with this shape sorter tangram. The kids can also form different animals from the puzzle, letting them be imaginative and creative. Available in two size, 12cm and 14cm

Rubik's Cube

Challenge your kids with this rubik's cube puzzle. This toy stimulates their spatial learning.

Flash Cards

A great fun learning tool for the young ones is flash cards! Some of our educational flash cards have an erasable surface plus whiteboard marker included so that the kids can write on them! Ranging from math to colours, our flash cards cover the basics. 

Code Breaking Game

Are you familiar with the code breaker board game, Mastermind? This is a game that is suited for both kids and adults. It's an easy yet challenging educational game. 

Love family games like this? We have other games like Jumping MonkeyBattleship and more.

Educational Toys

The Power of Educational Toys for Kids

Parents everywhere are looking for ways to give their children the best start possible. One of the best things that parents can do is provide their children with educational toys. Not only is this a great way to keep kids entertained and engaged, but it also helps them learn vital skills such as problem-solving, communication, and even motor skills. This is why educational toys for children matter.

Grow Your Child’s Brain Power With Educational Toys

Educational toys have been proven to help boost your child’s intellectual development. From simple puzzles to complex science kits, these toys stimulate your child’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They also teach cause and effect, which can be applied to other aspects of life. Educational toys are designed in such a way that they challenge your kid's cognitive abilities while still being fun enough that they won't get bored.

Promote Social Development With Educational Toys

Another benefit of educational toys is that they can help promote social development in children. Toys like board games or building sets encourage kids to interact with one another and develop social skills that will be useful throughout their lives. These types of activities not only give children an opportunity to bond with each other but also teach them how to take turns and share resources.

Develop Motor Skills With Educational Toys

Finally, educational toys can help improve fine motor skills in young children. These types of skills are important for everyday tasks such as writing or using scissors, so it's essential that kids practice them as early as possible. Toys like blocks or shape sorters require coordination between both hands and help children learn how to manipulate objects with precision—a skill set that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Educational Toys for Kids

Educational toys offer many benefits for developing minds, from boosting brain power and developing motor skills to fostering better socialization between kids. When purchasing toys for your kids, don't forget about the importance of educational toys! They may seem boring at first glance, but you'll be surprised by how much fun your little ones will have while learning valuable life lessons along the way! Plus, you'll rest easy knowing that you're giving your kid the best start possible!