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Wholesale Drawstring Bag in Singapore

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Wholesale Drawstring Bag in Singapore

15 Drawstring Bag and Pouch Ideas

If you’re on the lookout for a versatile carry-on, a drawstring bag is for you. Drawstring bags are rising in popularity because of their sheer simplicity and extreme usefulness. Essentially a sack with carry-on straps, many people use drawstring bags to pack their clothes and gear for the gym, carry their essentials for a run or a hike, or are folded and stored in tote bags just in case. Travelers also keep a spare drawstring bag or two in their luggage to store shoes, soiled clothes, or toiletries that won’t mind getting splashed on in the shower.

Whether it be nylon, cotton, or canvas, drawstring pouches of all sizes are incredibly affordable. One can even produce customized drawstring bags on a budget through silkscreen printing, making them a favorite giveaway option. Check out some types of draw string bag inspirations for your next big occasion below:


Event Giveaways

Event giveaways are a must in any type of public event. They will never admit it, but participants look forward to receiving free SWAG. These Drawstring Nylon Sports Bag, Polyester Drawstring Backpack with Reflective Strip, and Nylon Drawstring Bag with Zip Compartment are excellent bags to give for sporting or athletic events. It also helps that with the bag printing option, your company logo will be splashed all over the event as participants use the bags - whether biking up a mountain or running down the road. Talk about media mileage.


For events with a more earthy image, non-woven drawstring canvas bags are the way to go. You may opt to go with a natural beige Canvas Drawstring Backpack or a White Canvas bag, or if canvas as a material is too stiff, Cotton Drawstring Pouches of different sizes are a great alternative. A big plus is that these bags can easily be thrown in the wash after a couple of uses and they will be good as new.


Let’s not forget the kids! One great feature of the drawstring bag is its versatility across all ages. Children’s parties are never complete without drawstring goodie bags. But why not make it interactive? This DIY Coloring Drawstring Bag will not only makes for a spacious loot bag but makes for a fun kids’ activity too.


Corporate and Branded Giveaways

For non-event-related giveaways, high-quality drawstring bags are great corporate gifts to impress clients and partners without breaking the bank. The Polyester Drawstring Backpack with Quilt Base adds a nice touch to the bottom of the bag, allowing for contrast in aesthetics while also cushioning the contents. The Premium Nylon Drawstring Bag is also a luxurious and sturdier alternative to the one-piece drawstring bags commonly used, giving your recipients the upgrade they deserve while leaving a good impression.


However, sometimes brands are limited by the available colors of the bags, especially if these go against color guides and brand guidelines. For this, the Full-color Drawstring Bag is the best solution - a printed drawstring bag that is fully customizable to your needs. This makes for an excellent accessory in PR kits or consumer promo freebies.


Holiday Gifting

The holidays are already a stressful time for gift-giving, let’s remove the stress of having to find beautiful gift wrapping through print drawstring bags which are practical gifts in themselves.


Check out these Chinese New Year Solid and Printed Non-Woven Drawstring Bags to gift your loved ones with elegance. For Christmas gifting, the printed Christmas Drawstring Gift Bag is the perfect solution - with enough space to store most gifts while giving the festive cheer to make gift-giving look effortless.


Other Occasions

You don’t need a calendar occasion to give a gift, and a drawstring bag is all for it. With Singapore being such a frequented place for tourists, it pays to have a Singapore Design Drawstring Outdoor Bag handy. Not only will it store all that they’ve shopped for the day, but it makes for a memorable keepsake, too.


Other times, the best gifts are those that can fit only in the palm of your hand. These kinds of precious gifts deserve packaging which would be just as effortlessly grand. A small drawstring pouch in Singapore may not be worth the price, but the Drawstring Organza Goodie Bag offers this wholesale, giving anyone the option to gift small and precious items even on the fly.


Where To Buy Wholesale Drawstring Bags In Singapore

Drawstring bags are the perfect choice for giveaways and gift-giving - or to package your gifts with class. Special event or not, there’s always a drawstring bag that will fit your crowd and occasion.


If you’re wondering where to buy wholesale drawstring bag in Singapore, shop at OneDollarOnly.com.sg. Our roster of affordable drawstring bags can fit any kind of occasion. We sell high quality drawstring pouches wholesale in Singapore and deliver within 3-5 working days, with options for logo and custom printing through a variety of printing methods. Try our drawstring bags out for size and leave a good impression.