Fun School Holiday Indoor Activities for kids: Art and Craft + DIY and More

Fun School Holiday Indoor Activities for kids: Art and Craft + DIY and More

The month-long school holidays used to be something I look forward to as it was the only holiday period where I could bring my kids for an overseas trip. But with the “no travelling” rule now, we are all stuck at home, doing the same old things.

And we all know, a kid's attention span is shorter than the rest time parents get. So what can we do in order to keep our kids entertained throughout this holiday?

We can bring them out to visit the theme park, Art Science Museum or Gardens By The Bay but how many times can you go these places without feeling bored of them? Not to mention, the expensive ticket prices.

I have gathered a list of fun indoor activities in Singapore that you can do with your kids, from arts and craft to games and planting!


Does your kid have a green finger? Find out with this avocado trick. This short tutorial recently became viral on Tik Tok because of how easy it seems.

The video shows how a guy grew an avocado tree from the avocado seed.

However, your tree will most probably not be able to bear any fruits until 5-13 years later. But you can always use it as a tool for teaching your kid to be patient to reap the rewards.

Expose your child to the wonderful adventure of gardening! Bonus, it can be a decor idea as well.

What are some fun activities to do with kids this school holiday? Arts and Craft

You don't have to be super crafty to be able to guide your children in doing arts and craft! Some of the items needed are also things you can easily find lying in your house. My parents used to question the meaning of art and craft in education but there are reasons for it being taught in schools!

I have always loved getting my kids to do arts and craft as it is fun and beneficial to their development.

Some of the benefits of doing DIY or Arts is:


The most obvious benefit is that Art and Craft activities allows kids to develop their creativity. Creativity is something that is used on a daily basis, no matter what age you are at. As the little ones are doing arts and craft, they have the freedom to create and this is a form of self-expression. It can also encourage children to try out new ideas and explore new ways of thinking.

Quality Time

This has got to be my favourite point! To lessen the screen time of kids, I always get them to freely create any form of art they want - like painting or making easy craft. The art work that we create together usually gets displayed or kept in a box, making it something we can look back at in the future.

Develop motor skills

When doing arts and craft, it would require the children to move their fingers and hands. This would help them improve their coordination and fine motor skills, at the same time building their overall muscle strength!

Paper Plate Craft

This is one of my favourite easy art and craft ideas for kids to do and they can do as many different designs as they want. You only require paper plates, some coloured papers, colouring materials (like markers and crayons) and glue.

You will be surprised at how many different and cute designs your kid can come up with! Show how proud you are of their work by using them as a Home Decor.

Here are some ideas to inspire you or your kid to get started.

There are also many videos on art and craft ideas for home decor step by step. Here is one on DIY Paper Fish.

Finger Paint

Which kid will give up on the chance of getting their fingers full of paint and smearing it all over? But instead of decorating your home walls, hand them a piece of paper and let their imagination take control.

If your kid needs a little pushing, give them some topics to start off with. An example of topics is “What do you like to do on a rainy day?”. This is a great art and crafts for toddlers.

DIY/ Arts and Craft Kits

Switch up the paper plates with these arts and craft DIY kits that can give your kid a challenge. We know how much kids love to personalise their space; therefore, all these DIY kits can be used as room décor.

DIY 4R Photo Frame

This is one of my favourite DIY kit as it is easy to assemble. All it requires is glue or double-sided tape to piece the frames and decoration together. Take a look at what is inside the packaging of the giraffe design one.

You can put your best picture of you and your kid in it after completing it!

8 Sheet All in One Watercolour Set

Explore the different combination of colours with this Watercolour Set. Every page has a water colour palette and one paint brush, so they can get crazy with the colours! The thickness of the page is thick enough so that the paint does not seep through.

Where to get Art and Craft Supplies in Singapore?

Art Friend is the go to place for artist due to their wide array of craft materials! With the variety, you are sure to find some arts and crafts for your kids.

To all Singapore Art and Craft enthusiast, OneDollarOnly has a range of affordable kid friendly DIY kit available that is suitable for all ages. There are easier crafts like colouring books, or art and craft ideas for 12 year olds like stitching kits.

Indoor Camping

Most kids in Singapore do not have a backyard to pitch our tents or lay out our blankets to star watch. But that should not stop you from bringing the outdoors inside!

Clear out some space in the living room and throw out your tent. In case you do not have a tent, you can always just make a fort with blankets and chairs. Recreate the starry skies by buying some glow in the dark stars!


Scavenger Hunt

As complicated as you think this is, it really is not. You just need to create a list of items in your house, like “something that starts with A” or “something that is round” and send your kids running. At the end of the scavenger hunt, you can reward them with a small prize (maybe like cooking their favourite meal)!

Sport Games

Get those little arms and legs moving with sports games. On scotching hot days, the kids (or at least me) would rather stay at home. Simply use a pail and a ball to create an indoor basketball for the kids.

Board Games

Games night, my family’s tradition when I was younger. We would gather around the living room on a Saturday night with the classic Monopoly and fight each other to be the Monopoly Millionaire. Other board games we like were Snakes and Ladders and Ludo.

Start building the tradition of having games night with your kids, they would love it even after they grow older!

Looking for cheap traditional games in Singapore? Check this guide out.

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Try out these exciting kids activities in Singapore for the long holiday ahead with your kids! Share these with your fellow parents and let's all kick the cabin fever away!