Airplane Ludo Game (Travel Sized)

Airplane Ludo Game (Travel Sized)

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Airplane Ludo Game (Travel Sized)

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Ludo or more commonly known in Singapore as Aeroplane Chess (飞机棋 or 飞行棋), is a board game based on strategic skills.

How to play Ludo/ Aeroplane Chess:

  • This game allows 2-4 players. The first person to start the game is determined by everyone rolling the die, with the biggest roller as the starter.
  • Each player gets 4 pieces of token and the objective is to get all 4 to the centre  point by going the number of spaces indicated on your die.
  • In order for the pieces to leave its starting point, the player must roll a 6. Remember, if no 6 is being rolled, your pieces do not get to move out. Hence you need to seize the chance and move out your pieces every time you roll a 6. But when all 4 of your pieces are moved out and you roll a 6, you get to have a bonus roll.
  • Now this is the interesting (and maybe confusing) part of Aeroplane Game, when a player lands on an opponent's token, the opponent has to return to the starting point.
  • And when a player lands on their own colour space, they get to jump to their next colour space. If there happens to be any opponent on that colour space, they are sent back to their starting point.
  • In the case of the player's token landing on their own token, they get to stack them together and move as one.

If any of these Aeroplane Game rules seem too complicated, you can always remove them and play it as you like! That is the beauty of playing traditional games, there is never a fixed rule. Want to read more about the Traditional Games we used to play in Singapore? Click here.

All game pieces are magnetic. Kids will love to and enjoy playing this game!

Dimension: L13 cm x W7 cm x H1.7 cm.

$1.00 each, minimum quantity per order 5 pieces.

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Airplane Ludo Game (Travel Sized)

Airplane Ludo Game (Travel Sized)

Airplane Ludo Game (Travel Sized)

Airplane Ludo Game (Travel Sized)

Airplane Ludo Game (Travel Sized)

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