The Best Graduation Gift On a Budget

The Best Graduation Gift On a Budget

Graduation Gift Ideas for him and her

It's graduation season where every graduate is pumped with excitement. They have finally reached another milestone and moving on to the next phase of their life, be it a full-time career, further studies or just going to do the things they love.

However with the recent pandemic and social distancing implementation, holding graduation ceremonies, especially high school or college graduation, may be out of the question for the next few months. Even though most graduates of 2020 are missing out on the chance of donning on their graduation gowns, friends and family can still give them their grad gifts. Here are some cheap graduation gifts in SG!

Graduation Bear

We are starting off with the classic Graduation Bear, a must have for every graduate to hold one when they are taking their pictures, be it celebrating it at home or in school. It does not matter if your graduate is already a young adult, they would still love to have a stuffed grad bear.

Large Graduation Bear (18cm) ($4.00)

Graduation Bear 18cm

And Graduation Bears do not have to be expensive! Our Large Graduation Bear is around 18cm and is only $4. It is available for bulk orders, so buy it for your batch mates and have matching bears. Your batch mates may all be going their own separate ways, so having this graduation bear can be a simple reminder of the school days.

Graduation Bear in 4 Colour ($4.00)

graduation bear in 4 colours

For more size and colour variety, try the Graduation Bear in 4 Colour.

There are 4 sizes available: 18, 23, 28 and 35cm. The graduation gowns can be customized to add your school logo or a graduation message. A personalized Graduation Teddy Bear means so much more!

Graduation Bear Soft Toy ($2.00)

graduation bear small

We have a smaller version at 10cm for only $2. Add a special touch by customizing it with your class name or batch year like Class of 2020.

Buy Customized Graduation Bear in Singapore now! Contact us for your special customized graduation bear. Please allow some lead time for the customization so get the gift early! Reducing lead time can be done through quick confirmation of your design assets/ artwork.

Read our Graduation Bear guide to see our full collection.

Customized Stationery

Gifting stationery is so functional for every graduate! But we're not talking about any other ordinary stationery, we are talking about customizable ones. Put these all in a nice gift box and you're good to go. Here are a few of the items from our graduation collection.

Special Edition Matte Black Gel Signature Pen ($1.50)

This sleek matte black gel tipped pen can make your graduate look more professional. You can customize it with a short message or your logo.

Graduation Figurine Design Pen ($1.00)

Want a pen that is more fun? We have a graduation figurine pen, where students can imagine themselves wearing the toga on their graduation day. As secondary or primary school students do not have the chance of wearing a graduation gown, this can motivate them to complete their next education phase.

A6 Recycled Notebook ($1.50)

This Eco-Friendly Green Product with a durable hard cover is Muji Inspired. For a clean, minimalism style, this is a great option as a graduation gift. As it is so simply designed, users can decorate it the way they want to show their personalities.

Decoration ideas can be pasting cute stickers or drawing on the cover. Stickers are not always childish, we have options like this Gold Foil Accent Mini Stickers ($1.20) that are appealing to young adults.

A4 Notepad ($2.00)

This notepad has a Velcro-fasted side compartment consisting of 4 individual slots for filing or stationery. The writing pad on the other side is refillable.

As all graduates are going to their next study phase, they will start to have more subjects than they used to. This file can help them to sort their worksheets and also take notes or do assignments on the writing pad. Just like the A6 Recycled Notebook, it can be decorated to their own liking.

600D Tote Bag ($1.50)

This canvas tote bag is bigger than the standard A4 size so students can store more items like their files, water bottle and books! It is also customizable and available for bulk purchase.

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Where to buy Graduation Gifts in Singapore

With prices from $1, OneDollarOnly has the best cheap graduation gift ideas for friends! There are over 300 products to choose from, you will be sure to find something for your graduates. Graduation is a special event as it marks another milestone and we help you to make your gifts more meaningful through our customization service.

If you are thinking of customized graduation gifts, please confirm your design assets quickly as delays in confirmation may result in a longer lead time!

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Many of our products have a low minimum order however we do wholesale as well! OneDollarOnly has been one of Singapore's leading MOE vendor for 23 years. Enjoy free delivery for local orders over $70 and express, 48 hour delivery for orders over $100! If you'd rather not wait 2 days, you can even opt for self collection to speed the process up.

And for those looking for Graduation Gift Ideas for College Graduates

For those friends or family that have a bigger budget to spend on your graduate, forget the gift card idea, we have some graduation gift ideas for those graduating from college too! These are functional and great gift ideas that are suitable for college grads going into post college or starting their job search. Or for those searching for graduation gift for guys, you are going to like this!

Smart Watch

Gifting watches is always a good idea as they are functional and fashionable. But why not upgrade to getting a Smart Watch? They have now upgraded to a point where they have a lot of functions, like connecting to wi fi, GPS to track your location and navigate easily and monitoring your heart rate.

This is a good gift for college graduates who are starting their work life as Smart Watches are going to come in handy during meetings. It is also going to help them track their health after long working hours. You can try Apple Watch Series 5 as they have good heart health diagnostic tools. You can get different watch bands like stainless steel ones or different colours like silver or rose gold.

Besides smart watches, you can look at smart home devices like the Amazon Echo or Philips Hue that would be great for university students moving into dorm rooms.

Coffee Maker

This suggestion may seem a little odd but coffee makers are going to help save time in the morning and save money from buying cups of coffee in the long run. Modern coffee machines like the Nespresso can serve up a delicious cup of caramel macchiato that is just as good as other Coffee Stalls like Starbucks. The price range is still at the affordable range if you decide to split the cost with other friends, with coffee machines from $99 onwards.

Laptop Sleeve

This is going to be a functional high school graduation gift/ college graduation gift, as they would most likely be using laptops for school or work. A laptop sleeve or case not only acts as a protection for their laptops but as a fashion statement too. Sleeves helps to minimize dust or other debris that can clog the fans and vents of the laptop, causing hardware damage. Laptops like the Macbook Air are so expensive nowadays, so prevention is key!