Stationery Sets From $1 in Singapore

Stationery Sets From $1 in Singapore

From Cute Stationery Set to Office Stationery Set

Stationery lovers, you are going to love the large array of Stationery Set we have to offer. We have every sort of design for every kind of consumer out there, be it cute stationery set for the girls and boys, office stationery gift set or custom stationery set.

OneDollarOnly offers Wholesale Stationery Set, perfect for those looking to bulk buy Children's Stationery Sets, gift sets or for corporate gifts.

4pc Stationery Set with hard cover pencil case ($2.00)

We are bringing back last year's hot selling Stationery Set but making it better. This 4pc Stationery Set consists of 2 Pens, Highlighter and a Ruler in a hard cover pencil case. The Muji inspired pencil case has a minimalist design that will never run out of style, hence suitable for all ages. Children can DIY it with some stickers to spice it up!

As it is so compact, it is easy to bring around your stationery. The next time someone asks for a pen, you will have one to offer! It comes in 4 colour variation; pink, blue, yellow and green.

We have printing service in Singapore as well, giving you the option of customizing this Stationery Set. You can personalize it with your logo or a artwork, just like this!

Stapler Stationery Set ($2.00)

For those who are not looking for a highlighter, we have this Stapler Stationery Set. This set comes with a Stapler, Pack of Stapler Refills, 4-Colour Pen and Ruler. Students will find the Stapler Stationery Set handy as they usually need to staple their worksheets together.

4pc Stapler Stationery Set with Button Case

The second Stapler Stationery Set we carry are for our pastel colour lovers! It is a great alternative to the first Stapler Stationery Set for children. This pastel set comes with the same Stationery as the first but is stored in a Button Case.

4-in-1 Stationery Set (Premium) ($1.50)

stationery sets singapore

Just like the name suggest, this full Stationery Set looks premium due to the sleek, thin handy plastic outer casing. With a flip down of the latch on the end of this casing, will reveal to you a pencil, blue ball point pen, red ball point pen, and highlighter. We know how easy it is to misplace our stationery, so having a small compact case will hopefully reduce the chances of missing stationery.

Personalize this multipurpose Stationery Set on the external casing with your logo or artwork.

5-in-1 Stationery Set ($2.00)

5-in-1 Stationery Set Stationery Set One Dollar Only

What is better than 4? 5! This plastic casing includes a pencil, blue ball point pen, red ball point pen, black ball pen and highlighter. The unique feature of this Stationery Set is the plastic case, that can be flipped to a standing position. Even if you have personalized it, the print area will still be shown while standing upright.

Metal Pencil Case Stationery Set ($1.70)

mermaid stationery set

Another 5 item Stationery Set and this time it is for the girls! This metal pencil case with mermaid cartoon prints, has all the essential stationery a primary school student need. The ruler even has shape patterns for kids to trace out.

Zip Pencil Case Stationery Set ($1.50)

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The number just keeps growing as we have this Zip Pencil Case Stationery Set that has 6 items! This children Stationery Set has all the school supplies needed, including a small notebook that can be fitted in the pencil case. Students can easily take down important notes within reach.

Looking for custom Stationery Sets in Singapore?

Customize your stationery set with your artwork or logo to make it that little bit more special. No matter what event, a private affair or large scale business event, Stationery Sets are one of your best corporate gift choice.

Check out some of these custom stationery sets we did for our past clients.

custom stationery setcustom stationery setcustom stationery set

For more printable items, check this out.

Where to buy Stationery Sets in Singapore?

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