Best Sellers That Are Great For Bulk Buy

Best Sellers That Are Great For Bulk Buy

What makes our hero products special?

Our hero product line isn't our best sellers just because of its low price. It is because these series of products are truly unique to us, practical and every detail of it is selected carefully. Throughout these 25 years in business, we have received many feedback and suggestions. We have listened to what they have to say and put them into consideration when developing our products. As you read on, you will be able to see some of these suggestions come to life in our products.

Even though they are one of a kind, we were able to keep the low price because we own part of the supply chain, making it truly Direct-to-Consumers. Read on to find out more about what makes our products superior to others.

National Day Best Sellers

National Day Corporate Gifts

What is more iconic than our beautiful skyline when it comes to Singapore's landmarks? And to celebrate local talent, we worked together with a local artist to create our Singapore Themed products. There are two designs done that are available, watercolour or normal version, making these the perfect option for National Day Gifts or other events like Total Defence Day.

Fabric Sling Pouch With Singapore Design

Similar to our Mini Multi Purpose Sling Bag, we added an adjustable strap to suit kids of all ages. With just a small difference in price, this product has our special illustration of Singapore's skyline imprinted.

A4 Premium PU Textured Zip Case with Singapore Skyline Design

It was not easy to find a way where we can fully translate the vivid colours and intricate design of the artwork to a fabric print. However, after countless test, we were able to find the best method of printing for such colourful design.

B4 Velcro File Folder With Singapore Skyline Watercolour Design

Made with specially formulated plastic to ensure durability so that students can use it for a long time. This Velcro file folder features the watercolour version of the Singapore Skyline artwork that we have commissioned.

Check out our Singapore Design 5 Compartment L Folder if you prefer a folder with dividers.

Translucent Mesh Tote Bag With Singapore Design

With the dimensions of 32cm x 41.5cm, it is a great size for holding school essentials and books. The premium thickened nylon mesh material is waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about spillages or rainy days anymore!

Read more on our Ultimate National Day Gift Guide if you need inspiration for gift buying.

Stationery Set Bulk Buy

one dollar only hero product

We can tell you pretty confidently that we are the only company that sells 4-5 piece stationery set at such a low price in Singapore. It is due to many facts, like stationery sets being tedious to gather because of the different suppliers needed for each individual item, plus they usually require high minimum order quantity (MOQ). The packaging that holds the stationery set also needs to be custom made to cater the components inside. Lastly, a lot of effort is needed to coordinate the different suppliers and putting all the items to form the stationery set.

Therefore, at OneDollarOnly, we have a dedicated team to do all the magic so that we can bring you these cheap but fantastic quality sets.

View our 4pc Stapler Stationery Set with Button Case

View our 4pc Stationery Set with Hard Cover Pencil Case

Bags and Cases Best Seller

one dollar only bulk buy corporate gift

Some of the items under our bags category may seem like just another item you will find everywhere. But we pride ourselves in giving the most to our customers by formulating the best quality and price.

600D Tote Bag

The material we use for our 600D Tote Bag is made with our own material thus making it cheaper and more heavy-duty than others. There is also a special inner coating that makes the canvas cotton bag waterproof too.

Mini Multi Purpose Sling Bag

Even though this Mini Multi-Purpose Sling Bag is made for primary school students, we added a small adjustable strap so that it can cater to the bigger age group of students. It is made of lightweight and durable material. And the biggest plus point goes to it being only $1.80, where else can you find such insane price for a sling bag?

Premium Quality Nylon Foldable Shoe Bag

Shoe bags are an essential, especially for students in sports CCA or for camp. A shoebag outside can easily cost around $5, however we developed our own design to keep the cost low by not using unnecessary materials that you must pay for.

Another waterproof option is the Premium B4 Bag with Handle.

Translucent Mesh Tote Bag With Handle

Our translucent mesh tote bag can carry huge number of items and is extremely resistant to withstand all the heavy weight.

bulk buy bag

A4 Fabric Bag with Handle if you prefer an opaque, coloured bag.

Premium Ultra Thick Transparent Zipper Case A5

This is our top selling case, especially if the gift recipients are students. It is perfect for students to bring to their examinations due to the transparent feature. We understand the concern of how PVC materials are prone to wear and tear overtime, causing the need to switch out to a new zipper case.

That is why we took 2 years to perfect this particular item by using a far thicker material (50 micron pvc compared to 20 micron pvc in the market). As it is a thick material, we had to develop a whole new way of stitching the materials together. But luckily, these 2 years of developing and improvising was well spent as it is one of our star products today!

Prefer an opaque case? We have the Premium Nylon Travel Case that is just as substantial!

Expandable Premium Button Case

Expandable Premium Button Case Cases One Dollar Only

The sides of this premium button case are stitched together with a thick liner, making it more durable than ever. With the length of 26cm and expandable feature, it is big enough to store notes and stationery.

Files and Folders

buy buy notepad

A4 Notepad

Note-taking has never been easier with this A4 Notepad. This lightweight but durable product was designed to help students have all their note-taking essentials stored in one place, with a notepad, compartment to store the notes taken and a pen. Besides being popular with students, it is a favourite product for seminars to have.

Just like the Zipper Case, it took us many trial and error to perfect it. Initially, the folding edges of the notepad would get brittle and tear after some time. But after 2 years, our production team finally found the correct temperature used to formulate the plastic and perfected the thickness, making what the product is today.

A5 notepad with 2-compartment sleeve is a cheaper and smaller alternative to the A4 Notepad.

4-Compartment Plastic Folder is our top selling file due to the number of compartment it has for easy sorting. Just like many of our products, we only use durable plastic so that you won't have to worry about switching out your file every now and then.


Double-Sided A4 Compact Whiteboard

This double-sided whiteboard is one of the top sellers back when covid first hit Singapore. It is perfect for students to use when they are doing home-based learning and even in the physical classroom. Students do not need to go up to the whiteboard, instead they could just show their answers on their personal white board.

As we wanted to achieve the same effect as when students are writing on the actual class whiteboard, we had to go through many testing phases to find the ideal material and thickness. We had to find a material that was not going to leave ink stains and ensure that it would not be flimsy, all while keeping the price at $1.

Games and Toys

3pc Sports Set - Skipping Rope, Chapteh and Rubber Ball

One suggestion we used to get frequently was from PE teachers telling us they wish to see us carry a product that was able to encourage their students to be more active. So that's when we sat in our meeting room to brainstorm just how can we make that happen.

It was more than just putting a few other products to form a set. We wanted to incorporate nostalgia into our sports set, so that the gift giver could connect with the kids through the games we used to play. And after many experiments, we came up with this 3 pc Sports Set that includes a skipping rope, chapteh and rubber ball.

Looking to bulk buy or have customization on these products?

Look no further if you're buying these gifts for a large number of people! OneDollarOnly is one of Singapore's leading online dollar store, and a supplier to schools and institutions.

We also offer printing on our wholesale products so you print your logo or message to make it more special, be it for any private affair or large scale business operations!