Children’s Day: History, Importance, and Ways to Celebrate

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All About Children’s Day


As we remember Children’s Day, we’re brought back to some of our fondest childhood memories: not having to attend school, unwrapping gifts from teachers, or going out with our families to eat delicious food. In short, it’s a special day that we all used to look forward to!

While it makes us reminisce about our carefree moments, this day is more than just receiving presents or enjoying tasty treats. In this article, we’ll discuss why this day is honoured and how you can make your celebration this year unforgettable!


The History of Children’s Day

This day has a colourful history. Here’s a timeline of how it became the celebration that it is today: 


 Children’s Day dates way back to the second Sunday of June in 1857, when a service for children was held by Reverend Dr. Charles Leonard, a pastor of the Universalist Church of the Redeemer in the US. This day was initially called Rose Day, then renamed Flower Sunday.



After the special service, other countries followed suit to celebrate this day. The Republic of Turkey officially declared this day a national holiday in 1920, making it the very first official celebration of Children’s Day.



After five years, International Children’s Day was first proclaimed in Geneva during the World Conference on Child Welfare. It focused on raising awareness of issues that impact children, particularly poverty and education.



The International Day for Protection of Children was established by the Women’s International Democratic Federation in Moscow on June 1. This is why Communist and post-Communist countries have been celebrating June 1 as Children’s Day since 1950.



A joint resolution was passed in the United Nations General Assembly to encourage all countries to have a Universal Children’s Day. This aimed to promote the welfare of children and understanding among young people.


Why Celebrate Children’s Day

Every year, Children’s Day is celebrated around the world. Here are the reasons why honouring this day is important:

  • Celebrate children and the joys of childhood
  • Let children enjoy their freedom
  • Promote child welfare
  • Focus on children’s rights
  • Allow children to know their worth and importance
  • Bring awareness to children, especially those who have experienced abuse, exploitation, and discrimination or have suffered due to disabilities, minority issues, or religion


Children’s Day Around the World 

Every country has a different date to honour this special day. However, globally, there is one specific day dedicated to children: World Children’s Day. It is annually celebrated on November 20 to commemorate when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child.


How Children’s Day Is Celebrated in Some Countries 

Because of unique cultures, every country has a particular way of celebrating Children’s Day. For example, in Japan, families fly carp kites since carps symbolise determination in Japanese folklore. On the other hand, children in Mexico play traditional games like piñatas and flying banners. In Turkey, both National Sovereignty and Children’s Day fall on the same day. They let children “govern” the country for a day!


Children’s Day in Singapore

Like other countries, Singapore celebrates Children’s Day to honour children’s place in society.


Children’s day in Singapore was first celebrated on October 23, 1961, as announced by the Ministry of Education. This date was picked to stay aligned with the United Nation’s Children’s Day, which was held on October 22, 1961.


Eventually, this day was celebrated on the first day of October and moved to the first Friday of October last 2011. This year, it falls on October 7.


Children’s Day in Singapore is not a public holiday. However, kindergarten and primary school students in Singapore don’t have to go to school on this day. Instead, they are encouraged to make precious memories with their families and participate in the activities organised just for them.


How Children’s Day Is Celebrated in Singapore

Every year, children in Singapore are in for a treat on Children’s Day.

Teachers, parents, and organisations make sure that this day is full of fun and excitement for children. For instance, most students don’t have to worry about homework on this day!

These are some other ways this day is celebrated in Singapore: 

  • Parents treat their children to a good meal, bring them out for exciting activities, or buy them new toys
  • Families try out arts and crafts projects or watch family-friendly movies together
  • Teachers give presents for students, like stationery sets, customised gifts, and more
  • Schools hold children’s performances and other festive events
  • People donate to orphanages
  • Organisations distribute gifts to children


Where To Buy Children's Day Gifts In Singapore 

No matter the date and festivities, many countries share the same intention for celebrating Children’s Day: to focus on children’s welfare, growth, and education. Ultimately, this day is celebrated every year to give children around the world a day to look forward to where they can simply enjoy themselves!


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