10 Things You Can Do With Kids for JUST $1 In Singapore!

10 Things You Can Do With Kids for JUST $1 In Singapore!

Even in the fast paced, high cost city that is Singapore, we are surprised to learn that there are still things that you can do with just $1.00 in your pocket!

We have searched high and low for 10 things that you can do with JUST $1.00, and teach the little ones the value of thrift!


EAT FOR $1.00

1. Hot Dog Bun at IKEA - $1.00

(Image from http://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/categories/departments/food/)

Other than fix-it-yourself furniture, IKEA is also famous for its food. One of them is the hotdog bun that costs only $1. After the bun, you can treat your child to ice-cream at only $0.50.

2. Roti Prata - $0.90 (or less?)

(Image from http://thesmartlocal.com/read/one-dollar-food-guide)

Roti prata is a local favourite that can be eaten for breaakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner or supper. If your child wants to eat kosong prata, you can consider The Roti Prata House where the kosong is $0.90 each.


3. Hum Jin Peng - 6 for $1.00

(Image from http://thesmartlocal.com/read/one-dollar-food-guide)

Hum jin peng is a local snack, but not many children these days even know what it is. Give your child a taste of old fashion Singapore snacks at 6 for $1.


4. Kids Eat for Free Restaurants

Surprisingly, there are quite a number of places where children can eat a full meal for free. Of course, the prerequisite is that there has to be an adult that at least orders a main course. But hey, free food for the kids is still awesome. Check out the link below for more information.





BUY FOR $1.00

5. Childhood Games like Pick-Up Stick, 5 stones, etc - $1.00


(Image from www.onedollaronly.com.sg)

Children these days probably do not know how to play traditional games like pick-up-sticks, five stones and chapteh. Share a taste of yesteryear with your children and get them at only $1 each!

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6. Pre-Loved Books - From $1.00

If your child loves to read, you probably know how expensive brand new books can be. Yet, you worry that your child may damage library books. Enter Ever New Bookstore. It buys and sells books and story books can cost as cheap as $1.



7. Civil Defence Heritage Gallery - Free

(Image from http://www.littledayout.com/2012/10/18/civil-defence-heritage-gallery-let-your-kid-be-a-firefighter/)

Does your child aspire to be a fire fighter? The perfect place to explore would be the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery! Admission is free! Check out the link below for more information.


8. Air Force Museum - Free

(Image from http://www.littledayout.com/2016/01/28/air-force-museum-a-vintage-flight-to-the-future/)

Most children are fascinated by planes and love looking at them. Let your child get up close and personal with all kinds of air craft (for FREE) at the Air Force Museum! Check out the link below for more information.


Or check out the RSAF website

9. NEWater Visitor Centre - Free

(Image from http://www.museums.com.sg/about-us/mr-directory/science-innovation/newater-visitor-centre)

Teach your children about the precious resource of water in Singapore with a visit to the NEWater Visitor Centre. They can learn more about the process of NEWater and the technology behind it. Check out the link below for more information.


10. Singapore Art Museum - Free (For Children Under 6)

(Image from https://www.singaporeartmuseum.sg/events/specialist_talks.html)

Start them young on the arts with a day out at the Art Museum!. Children under the age of 6 enter the Singapore Art Museum free of charge! Check out the link below for more information.



And here it is! Who says nothing is free (or a dollar) now? Love this list? Share it with your friends and family so EVERYONE be dollar savvy too!


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