Wholesale Cheap Youth Day Gift Collections

Wholesale Cheap Youth Day Gift Collections

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Wholesale Cheap Youth Day Gift Collections

Wholesale Cheap Youth Day Gift Collections


Wholesale Cheap Youth Day Gift Collections

Wholesale Cheap Youth Day Gift Collections

Looking for wholesale children gifts, souvenirs , or corporate gifts for your company or school that requires logo printing? Usually wholesale purchases can take a long time before it reaches you, and you may be in a rush. OneDollarOnly has a wide range of wholesale gifts and stationery products in Singapore that has a large amount of stock ready and can be delivered as fast as the next day.

Your buying process does not have to be tedious; this guide is for you to help make your bulk purchase process easier!

Wholesale Cheap Youth Day Gift Collections


Wholesale Cheap Youth Day Gift Collections


Wholesale Cheap Youth Day Gift Collections


Wholesale Cheap Youth Day Gift Collections


Wholesale Cheap Youth Day Gift Collections


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Since then, we have grown from a small operation with 50 products to nearly 1000 products on our website right now spanning over 35 categories! By bringing in our products in bulk quantities and sourcing directly from factories we cut out all the middlemen and hence bring the savings directly to our customer – you!

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Wholesale Cheap Youth Day Gift Collections

Ultimate 2021 Guide to Cheap Children's Day Gifts Ideas

23 Cheap Children’s Day Gift Ideas From $1

Ultimate Guide to Cheap Children's Day Gifts Ideas

In Singapore, Children’s Day is celebrated on the first Friday of October, and this year it will fall on the 8th of October. This is a time when both parents and teachers alike will be looking for a special little gift for the special ones in their lives.

At onedollaronly.com.sg, we have been delighting children with gifts since 2011. This year, we have compiled a list of cheap Children’s Day Gift ideas that are $1 or less, to help you choose from more than 500 products we have on our website!

To start off, let's talk about our best sellers for Childrens Day gift.

Best Children's Day Gift - Games & Toys

1) 3pc Sports Set - Skipping Rope, Chapteh and Rubber Ball - $2.30

3pc Sports Set - Skipping Rope, Chapteh and Rubber Ball Games and Toys One Dollar Only

For just $2.30, your students will get 3 items - Skipping rope, chapteh and a rubber ball. This sports set can encourage the kids to get active and at the same time, get in touch with the traditional games we used to play. 

2) Tangram - $1.00

12CM Wooden Tangram Games and Toys One Dollar Only

Tangram has many benefits for the young ones, like improving their fine motor skills and introducing mathematical concepts to them. 

3) Portable Magnetic Snakes and Ladders - $1.00

Portable Magnetic Snakes and Ladders Games and Toys One Dollar Only

The compact and sturdy design allows you to bring it anywhere you want - be it a picnic or to recess. 

4) Snake Puzzle - $1.00

Snake Puzzle Games and Toys One Dollar Only

Another fun educational toy for the kids to play with! Twist and turn to form different shapes. Available in 4 different vibrant colours.


Best Children's Day Gift - Pencil Cases

1) Car Design Pencil Case - $1.00

This pencil case design is definitely popular due to the fun and vibrant motif. Don't undermine the size of this case as it can hold multiple stationery.
children's day gift Car Design Pencil Case Cases One Dollar Only
This case reminds me of popsicles! Super trendy and fun design as it fuses between minimalist style and bright colours. 
children's day gift Neon Band Transparent Case (PC) Cases One Dollar Only
One of the all-time favourite for customization. Imprint your school logo or artwork to add a special touch. Many of our clients love to print a special message for their recipients on this pencil case!

children's day gift Premium Canvas Fabric Pencil Case Cases One Dollar Only
From our in-house special line, this transparent case is made out of strong and durable material. It is no doubt thicker than most of the plastic cases you will find outside. 
Premium Ultra Thick Transparent Zipper Case A5 Cases One Dollar Only

Book Band Case - $1.50

Secure your books and stationery together with this handy book band case. It comes with a pouch that can double up as your pencil case. 

children day gift Book Band Case Cases One Dollar Only

Best Children's Day Gift - Stationery Set

This pastel set of stationery comes with a multi-colour pen, stapler set and ruler that are encased in a clear button case.  
children's day gift 4pc Stapler Stationery Set with Button Case Stationery Set One Dollar Only
If you are looking for a sleek-looking gift, this is definitely an item that will be a bang for your buck! Many of our clients love to put an artwork on the external casing. 
children's day gift 4-in-1 Stationery Set (Premium) Stationery Set One Dollar Only
7 items for $1.50? This cute stationery set is a must-get if you are looking for Children's Day gift for preschoolers. 
children's day gift Zip Pencil Case Stationery Set Stationery Set One Dollar Only
We pride ourselves in being the only supplier in Singapore that carries stationery sets at such an affordable price. Read more on our all time best sellers where we go in depth on why and how we developed those hero products.
children's day gift 4pc Stationery Set with Hard Cover Pencil Case Stationery Set One Dollar Only
You can learn more about our range of stationery set from this quick read

Best Children's Day Gift - Pens

From our extensive selection of pens, we have a few that has been repeatedly purchased by many of our customers. Check out our top selling multi-coloured pens like the 4 Colour Flamingo Design Pen, 8 Colour Unicorn Pen and Keep Calm Motif 8 Colour Pen

children's day gift 4 Colour Flamingo Design Pen Pens One Dollar Only
Or if you prefer the single-coloured cute pens, you can check out Cute Cartoon Vegetable Design Gel Ink Pen and Cute Owl Design Pen
Cute Cartoon Vegetable Design Gel Ink Pen Pens One Dollar Only

Best Children's Day Gift - Notebooks

Notebooks are a useful and thoughtful Children's Day gift for students as they can use it for their note taking. We have simple or fanciful bright design ones and some can be customized with logo printing. 
A5 notepad with 2-compartment sleeve Files and Folders One Dollar Only
Abstract Color Theme A5 Notebook Notebooks One Dollar Only
Spiral Bound Graphic Design Motif Notebook with Pen Notebooks One Dollar Only

DIY Children's Day Gift - Arts and Crafts

1) 8pc 3D Colouring Cards Set - $1.50 

Each colouring card set comes with 8 different art template to fill in. Inspire the kids to improve their story telling skills by swapping the order of the cards to create different scenes!

children's day gift 8pc 3D Colouring Cards Set Art Craft & D.I.Y One Dollar Only


2) Pack of 10 Cloth Animal Finger Puppet - $6.50

Another great story telling tool for teachers, parents and kids to use! Preschool teachers especially will love this as it can help to engage their students more during lessons. 

Pack of 10 Cloth Animal Finger Puppets Gift Ideas and Novelties One Dollar Only

3) DIY Craft 4R Photo Frame - $1.00

Frame up your memories with this DIY kid's picture frame! Check out Wooden Photo Frame and 10pc Cardboard Photo Frame if you are looking for more picture frames. 

children's day gift DIY Craft 4R Photo Frame Art Craft & D.I.Y One Dollar Only

Other popular DIY Art & Craft items are DIY Colouring Kite, DIY Tote Bag (Unicorn or Cartoon design) and 8 pc Wooden Paper Clips.

Best Children's Day Gift - Colouring Material

Colouring materials are a great way of beautifying your notes. Some of our popular colouring materials are Neon Gel Pen 6pc Set, 6-Colour Glitter Pen Set and 12 Colour Magic Pen Set

6-Colour Glitter Pen Set Colouring Materials One Dollar Only

Get our Coloured Pencils and Amazing Animal Colouring Books and gift it as a set, the perfect Children's Day Gift for preschoolers!


Best Childrens Day Gift - Files & Folders

Files and folders are an essential for students. Keep the loose sheets organized and prevent crumpling them with our wide range of files. Some of our popular folders are 4 Compartment Plastic Folder, Unicorn Floral Design Clipboard, Floral Design Quote Clipboard.  

Floral Design Quote Clipboard Files and Folders One Dollar Only

Buying for a group of students or kids? We have beautiful designs that are sold in a pack of 12. Check out Flamingo Design PP Button FileBotanical Design PP Button File and Geometric Design L Folder

Geometric Design L Folder (Pack of 12) Files and Folders One Dollar Only

 Best Childrens Day Gift - Bags

Another functional Childrens Day gift idea are bags as it can act as a carrier for all the other gifts that they will be getting. Customize your bags with logo printing or a Children's Day message to make them special! Here are a few of our best selling bags for customization.

1) 600D Tote Bag - $1.50

childrens day gift 600D Tote Bag Bags One Dollar Only
childrens day gift Drawstring Nylon Sports Bag (CCA Bag) Bags One Dollar Only

3) 600D Mini Multi Purpose Sling Bag (Assorted)
600D Mini Multi Purpose Sling Bag (Assorted) Bags One Dollar Only

Other popular bags are Translucent Mesh Tote BagPremium Quality Nylon Foldable Shoe Bag and Premium Quality Nylon Drawstring Activity Bag

We also have paper bags that can be customized, in small and medium size.

childrens day gift paper bag
So those are our top sellers for Children's Day gifts. But keep on reading to see what cheap Children's Day gift we recommend!

1. Five Stones - $1.00

Traditionally made from scraps of leftover cloth and filled with beans, five stones is one of the best children’s day gift. This is a game of hand eye co-ordination and agility. Comes with a drawstring organza bag for keeping it tidy! To find out more about the history behind Five Stone, read our Good Old Days blog!

Five Stones


2. Pick Up Sticks - $1.00

Yet another blast from the past, wooden pick up sticks are an iconic traditional game. Authentic real wood sticks in a wooden box – just like it used to be. Originally thought to have originated in Europe this game has found its way all over the world. Instructions are included.

Pick Up Sticks


3. Chapteh - $1.00

Who can forget the scene of children in uniforms playing chapteh and hopscotch in the schoolyard during recess time? This game is thought to have originated in the Han dynasty more than 2000 years ago – and is still being played all over the world today! Made from genuine feather for better performance, this is the real deal that comes with a box to keep those feathers nice and firm. A must have for the active kids as their Children's Day Gifts.

Chapteh (Chatek Capteh 毽子)


4. Foam Toy Aeroplane - $0.50

A great choice for a cheap children’s day gift at only 50 cents! A childhood staple and a formula for hours of non-stop outdoor fun. Throw them right and watch as they make a loop to fly right back to you!

Foam Toy Aeroplane


5. Kite - $1.00

An all-time favourite. Share the wonder of flight with a simple kite – comes with everything you need to get started – just add wind. Rip resistant nylon makes it durable for those crash landings we might have! 

Colourful Triangular Kite (Small)


6. Frisbee - $1.00

It’s a fan, and it’s a frisbee. Both great for an outdoor day! Lighter and safer than traditional frisbees. Give it a twist and it collapses into a compact form that fits in the small carrying pouch. Keep this handy in a bag for those sweltering school days!

Foldable Frisbee Fan


7. Flamingo Design Notebook - $1.00

Everyone needs one, and everyone should have one! Feel the summer vibes with this flamingo themed notebook with 4 different thematic designs available. Comes in a compact A5 size with lined internal pages for writing or just doodling.

Flamingo Design A5 Notebook Notebooks One Dollar Only


8. Unicorn Sticky Notes - $1.00

The perfect cute children’s day gift with unicorns galore! The pink design makes it even more adorable. A thick pad of sticky notes for scribbling or just decorating. We have tons of cute sticky notes that you can choose from for your Children's Day present.

Whimsical Unicorn Rainbow Design Sticky Notes Pad Stickers One Dollar Only


9. Fruit Lollipop Eraser - $0.50

Erasers that look good enough to eat! Ideal children’s day gift for students who need them for schoolwork – and mistakes big and small. Available in 6 different fruit designs.

Fruit Lollipop Design Erasers Erasers One Dollar Only


10. Ice Cream Hand Towel - $1.00

What looks like an ice cream is actually a 30cm x 30cm hand towel! Make it part of a gift or goodie bag or simply as a reward or treat. An interesting novelty gift that literally unfurls before your eyes!

Ice Cream Towel


11. Animal Design Button Folder - $6

Keep those worksheets organized with this animal themed button folders that come in 3 cute designs and in a pack of 12! Suitable for A4 documents. Functional and cute Childrens Day Gift idea!

Cartoon Animals A4 Snap Button File (Pack of 12) Files and Folders One Dollar Only


12. Owl Pencil Case - $1.00

One of the best Childrens day gift is a pencil case and has always been our bestseller. This cute owl design appeals to both the boys and the girls. Keeping all the stationery organized and make it look good!

Owl Themed Pencil Case


13. Unicorn Zip Case - $0.50

This A5 PVC case comes with a cool matte translucent surface with unicorns that are irresistibly cute. Use it as a pencil case or multi-purpose case.

Unicorn Design Matt Finish Case (Pack of 12)


14. Animal Slim Luggage / Bag Tag - $1.00

This easy to use bag / luggage tag is perfect for labelling schoolbags with the child’s name and details. Simply loop it through and it’s done. No need to fumble with tiny clasp or eyelets. The bright colours and fun design make it visible from a distance.

Animal Themed Slim Luggage Tag


15. Fruit Stress Ball Keychain - $1.00

Don’t be stressed! This squishy fruit keychain is a fun addition to pencil cases or bag zippers. Available in a variety of different fruits like orange, watermelon and strawberry so pick your favourite!

Stress Ball Keychain (fruits)


16. 12pc Colour Pencil Set - $1.00

This one of the most popular and practical children’s day gift ideas. Every child needs one of these! 12 full length colour pencils to draw, colour and doodle to their heart’s content. A popular choice as Childrens Day gift for preschoolers!

Flat Color Pencil Set


17. Donut Pen - $1.00

Now for some food themed cuteness! Gel tipped pens that make for smooth and easy writing suitable for upper primary children. These topped with donuts – with sprinkles to boot. A fun addition to any child’s collection.

Donut Design Gel Ink Pen Pens One Dollar Only


18. Animal Design Mechanical Pencil - $0.50

This mechanical pencil with thick lead core is great for preventing frequent breakages but also saves the hassle of sharpening traditional wooden pencils. We love the cute animal motifs on each of these mechanical pencils too!

Pastel Animal Design Mechanical Pencil


19. D.I.Y Felt Pen Holder - $1.00

Time for some arts and crafts! Make your own pen holder with this great D.I.Y Children's day gift craft kit. Made of felt material , this kit come with everything you need - safety plastic needle, thread and all the stickers and materials included. Indulge in hours of art and craft fun!

DIY Pen Holder


20. D.I.Y Foam 3D Puzzle Animals - $1.00

Simple D.I.Y animal puzzles that come in 8 different animal designs. A great idea for a children’s day gift for those who love D.I.Y and craft – or part of a goodie bag!

Cardboard DIY 3D Puzzle


21. Wooden Bookmarks – 2 for $1.00

Hand crafted wooden bookmarks with cute designs make this one of the all-time favourite children’s day gift on our store. Use them as a bookmark or for holding pieces of paper together.

Wooden Slim Bookmark


22. Rattle Toy Animal Themed Pencil - $1.00

Who says that wooden pencils have to be boring? A practical yet fun children’s day gift idea for preschoolers. Brighten up the day with fun cartoon wooden pencils with bobbing figurines!

Rattle Toy Animal Theme Pencil Pencils One Dollar Only


23.Universal Bottle Holder with Carabiner - $1.00

The perfect practical gift. The clip fits to necks of nearly all plastic bottles – from small ones to the large 1.5 litre ones. Attach to bags or handles with a handy carabiner with a working compass! For all the budding adventurers and explorers out there!

Bottle Holder w/ Carabiner & CompassBottle Holder w/ Carabiner & Compass

Need more Children's Day gift ideas? Read the other guide for 22 Cheap Children's Day Gift.

What is the best gift for Children's Day?

A thoughtful gift beats anything in the world. Mix and match some of our $1 Children's Day gift ideas and package them up into a gift bag and you're good to go! OneDollarOnly has a wide range of over 300 products that are great for Childrens Day gifts in Singapore. Browse our full collection here. You can also make personalized Children's Day gift with our printing service!

How do you make Children's Day special? Get customized Children's Day gifts!

OneDollarOnly does customised Children's Day gifts in Singapore
that allows you to imprint your artwork or logo on them! From small to large scale events, we cover them all! Speak to our friendly team now for any enquiries.

Where to buy wholesale Children's Day gifts in  Singapore?

With a low minimum order of 5 pieces, we cater to both wholesale and retail orders! First time doing bulk/ wholesale buying? Read our Wholesale Buying Guide here where we break down the steps on ordering and some of our recommendations for corporate gifts.


Wholesale Cheap Youth Day Gift Collections

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