Custom Tote Bag Singapore From $1 | Wholesale Avail

Custom Tote Bag Singapore From $1 | Wholesale Avail

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Custom Tote Bag Singapore

Discover $1 custom tote bags with different materials like canvas, mesh and cotton. Customise with logo printing and buy in bulk/wholesale. Local ready stock, fast delivery in 3-5 days.
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Custom Tote Bag Singapore

Custom Tote Bag Singapore

44% OFF

600D Tote Bag

$1.50 SGD
$2.70 SGD

600D Tote Bag With Base

$2.00 SGD
$3.90 SGD
44% OFF
49% OFF

Black Canvas Tote Bag 26*33cm

From $2.37 SGD - $4.91 SGD

Black Canvas Tote Bag 35*42cm

From $2.25 SGD - $4.74 SGD

Black Canvas Tote Bag 32*38*10cm

From $3.05 SGD - $5.79 SGD

Black Canvas Tote Bag 42*35*10cm

From $2.94 SGD - $5.64 SGD

Cotton Canvas Tote Bag 26*33cm

From $2.20 SGD - $4.70 SGD

Cotton Canvas Tote Bag 30*20*10cm

From $2.20 SGD - $4.70 SGD

Cotton Canvas Tote Bag 31*36cm

From $2.43 SGD - $5.01 SGD

Cotton Canvas Tote Bag 33*38*10cm

From $2.60 SGD - $5.22 SGD

Cotton Canvas Tote Bag 38*32*10cm

From $2.79 SGD - $5.45 SGD

Cotton Canvas Tote Bag 42*32*10cm

From $3.02 SGD - $5.76 SGD

Cotton Canvas Tote Bag 38*45cm

From $3.02 SGD - $5.76 SGD

Cotton Canvas Tote Bag 35*42cm

From $2.85 SGD - $5.53 SGD

Cotton Color Blocking Tote Bag

From $4.45 SGD - $7.61 SGD

Cotton Large Capacity Tote Bag

From $3.90 SGD - $5.16 SGD

Foldable Shopping Tote Bag

From $1.85 SGD - $4.24 SGD

White Canvas Tote Bag

From $3.30 SGD - $6.28 SGD

White Canvas Tote Bag With Zip

From $4.57 SGD - $7.93 SGD

Felt Tote Bag

From $4.14 SGD - $5.02 SGD

Solid Colour Felt Tote Bag

From $6.70 SGD - $8.09 SGD

Foldable Tote Bag

From $1.57 SGD - $4.02 SGD

A4 Document Tote Bag

From $3.59 SGD - $6.65 SGD

Double-Sided Cotton Tote Bag

From $3.54 SGD - $6.58 SGD

Cotton Tote Bag With Carrying Straps

From $3.00 SGD - $5.96 SGD

Canvas And Leather Tote Bag

From $5.30 SGD - $8.89 SGD

Custom Tote Bag Singapore

8 Best Custom Tote Bags for School and Corporate Gifts

Discover the Extraordinary Versatility of Tote Bags

Tote bags are a fashion accessory that has become an everyday item. Whether going to school, running to work, or making a grocery run, you likely see people carrying them. They’re affordable, durable, and convenient, so it’s no wonder why they are so popular.

Not all tote bags are the same. Custom tote bags, for instance, can be personalised with your school or business logo through heat transfer printing. Here are some of their uses:


Children’s Day Gifts

Custom totes can be great gift items from teachers to students, especially during Children’s Day, graduation, back-to-school, and other special occasions. They are perfect for holding books, notebooks, and other school items.


Corporate Gifts

High-quality tote bags with the company logo or slogan can serve two purposes: corporate gifts and promotional products. They can carry a company’s message while holding important documents and notes for work. No matter their function, they can be excellent giveaways for corporate events.


Best Tote Bags for Personal Gifts and Promotional Products

Translucent Mesh Tote Bag With Singapore Design

This tote bag is made from a premium thickened waterproof nylon mesh material, so you are assured that it is durable and long-lasting. It also showcases Singapore’s iconic skyline. Best of all, it can be customised with your logo or artwork through our custom printing service!


Translucent Mesh Tote Bag With Handle

If your school or organisation needs a tote bag with a coloured handle, you’ve come to the right place. We have what you need, and the handle comes in five different colours: green, blue, red, yellow, and black. This is perfect when you need the bag to complement your printed logo or artwork and proudly represent your brand.


600D B4 Bag with Handle

This tote bag is built with 600D polyester, an affordable heavy-duty material with good thickness. It comes in plain off-white, which can suit your brand design if your school or business prefers neutral tones or has a minimalist aesthetic.

This product can also be turned into a custom tote bag. Simply email us your logo or artwork, and we will personalise it through tote bag printing.


600D B4 Bag with Handle (Assorted Colours)

Going to classes or work has never been more convenient, thanks to this high-quality bag. Since it is made of 600D polyester that’s known to be durable, this school or office must-have is especially helpful for on-the-go students or professionals. It also comes in red, violet, and green colours, making it easy to match your brand colour.


 600D Tote Bag

Whether you need a National Day’s gift, Children’s Day gift, or goodie bag, this high-quality canvas tote bag may be what you’re looking for! It is produced using our very own material, so it’s cheaper and more durable. Plus, it has a special inner coating that makes it waterproof. Because of these outstanding features, it’s no wonder why it’s one of our bestsellers!


 600D Tote Bag with Base

Students and professionals need a perfectly sized long-lasting bag that can hold their laptops, pens, notebooks, and other essentials. Thankfully, they don’t have to look further for the best practical bag.

This cotton canvas bag can become a reliable school or work companion. Unlike our other canvas bags, this one comes with a base for added durability.

With the power of digital printing, you can turn this product into a custom tote bag with your logo, picture, or slogan. It can become a walking advertisement for your school or organisation.


 30 x 33cm 10oz Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

Sustainability is vital now more than ever. That said, using our bags made of canvas material can help your school or company highlight your environmental efforts.

This type of bag can be an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. In addition, it is sturdy and water-resistant, so it is ideal for everyday use. 

This product can also boost brand awareness. The magic of our high-quality canvas bag printing can transform a plain tote bag into a unique promotional tool or a gift for your school or business.


42 x 38 x 8cm 10oz Cotton Canvas Tote Bag
This tote bag is created using cotton canvas material, which means it is long-lasting and can withstand a considerable amount of weight. It also comes in a bigger size, offering more generous storage.

Through our printing services,  this canvas tote bag can transform into a meaningful gift to students or an unconventional form of advertising for your organisation. This means people will be reminded of your brand whenever they use these bags.


Where To Buy Custom Tote Bags in Singapore?

Tote bags are a fantastic addition to anyone’s bag collection. They come in different colours and sizes that can suit anyone’s needs and style.

Now that you know how our tote bags can help your school or organisation, it’s time to place your tote bag printing order.

Get in touch with us if you’re looking for canvas tote bags in Singapore. We are OneDollarOnly, a trusted wholesale supplier for customised tote bag printing in Singapore. With our 25 years of experience in business, you can count on us for all your tote bag printing needs.

We have over 500 products available for bulk orders for as low as $0.50. Also, we have local stocks ready to arrive at your doorstep within 3-5 days. Place your customised tote bag order now if you want high-quality items and fast delivery at prices you can afford!

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